Sisterhood Shindig – Day Five

Good morning, ladies. Rach here. Well, this is it. Our final day. We’re feeling sad, in the way you feel sad when you reach the final page in a really good book. Secret retreats, like all good things, must come to an end eventually, but the good news is that the life you are going back to is still full of a million beautiful things. Besides, there is no point in feeling wistful just yet, because today we’re going out in style. Full style.

First up, let us take a brief moment to reflect on where you slept last night.




Yes, otherwise known as heaven. That’s the thing about these Sisterhood Shindigs. They are MAGICAL retreats and you can shift locations just by thinking about it. The night before last, you slept in this awesome boho loft:


boho loft


And the night before that, you slept here:


bed 2


So today. Your last day. Today is a pure pamper day, all on us. But first, we’re flying you to the Maldives so you can absorb some salt air while all this pampering goes on.



After a very short trip — just enough time to watch Love Actually, you arrive at your destination.


spa 2


You put down your handbag on the glorious bed and take a quick look outside, just past your private deck.


spa 1


It’s a gorgeous day, and you’re drawn to flop down on one of those white couches and sip a mojito, but since the sun is high in the sky, you decide to head inside to the luxurious spa and pamper yourself instead.


day spa


First up is a full body massage, followed by a facial.


Beach Massage


And then a full body scrub and wrap.



Some light refreshments are hand delivered by the lovely Mr Corby who has so generously accompanied you on this short trip.


And afterwards, you settle in for a reflexology session with him, because not many people know this but he’s actually a fabulous reflexologist.

foot massage

Luckily the kind facial lady also gave you a great leg wax before Mr Corby arrived, so there’s no need to feel embarrassed that you haven’t shaved in three weeks.

And now comes the best part. Mr Corby has brought with him a gorgeous dress and strappy heels we would love for you to slip into.

dress 3


He has booked for you to have your hair and make-up done, so you feel even more beautiful, and afterwards he will be waiting outside your room to escort you to the night which awaits you.


dinner 3

Sitting among your new-found friends, you sip champagne and take in the dazzling twinkly lights and listen to live jazz, and laugh and talk like you’ve known each other forever. It’s a magical night, where you feel a million miles away, totally relaxed and flowy and at one with the world. A delicious feast is served, and soon you hear the clinking of glasses signalling some toasts are about to be made.

Bec and Rach stand with their glasses in the air and smiles on their faces, and they toast to the wonderful week you’ve all shared.

May we toast to rest and relaxation and taking the time to nourish ourselves.

May we toast to saggy boobs.

And old-man-knee boobs.

May we toast to wholesome food and sharing it with those we love.

May we toast to make-up and no make-up, cute dresses and comfy pajamas, strappy heels and bare feet.

May we toast to hidden cupboards of unironed clothes, and good books, and telling our secrets, and being kind, and scoffing entire blocks of chocolate in single sittings.

May we toast to being grateful for what we have.

But may we also toast to shopping. 

Most of all, may we toast to each other, the women we’ve met here, the women back home, the stories we’ve shared, the bonds we’ve bound. May we toast to embracing our differences and looking only inside. All of our hearts are the same, deep down enough.

May we toast to sisterhood.  

To you – the one who gives and serves and works and does all the unnoticed things all the days, all the weeks, we see you. And sister, this champagne is on us. Settle in and enjoy your night. Matt Corby is about to play some music (well would you know he sings, too???) and there’s dessert coming. We hear it’s a home-made cherry pie, baked by Mr Corby’s mum, and it takes like the happiest of childhoods. Take two slices. She’s baked plenty.

Your magical hovercraft will be here in the morning to take you back home, but now?

Now is for dancing.



8 Responses to “Sisterhood Shindig – Day Five”

  1. Rhonda

    What a way to finish the week! Thank you Rachel and Bec. I enjoyed our our time away.

  2. Taryn

    Hi there, I’ve been the quiet girl in the back of the room during this retreat 🙂

    Thank you so much Bec and Rachel for this lovely week! You’ve no idea how much I needed to retreat. Wish we could stay longer…


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