Find Your Good

Her lace dress has been tucked away, placed in a box full of other mementos that whisper That Was Special. All the flowers have wilted and browned, and the whole experience has been condensed to that paragraph you say to people, like all things become in the end.

Today I washed and cleaned and folded and sorted, not only because there was washing and cleaning and folding and sorting to do, but because normalcy always hovers in the background, waiting to catch you when the icing of life’s best moments melts away. Icing is great. Everyone loves icing the best, but it’s a treat- a flavour to be savoured, and that’s what gives it its sweetness. We are back to our rhythms, our ordinary days, and it feels good to carve out order again, noticing beauty in the smallest things – a basket full of eggs ready to dye for Easter, fresh sheets, the smell of dinner in the slow cooker wafting through the house, new library books, cherished conversations with friends.

So we’re bringing some normalcy back to the tent and ending the week with a little Fuel Yourself Friday, bits of goodness plucked from around the place, delivered straight to your soul’s belly. Happy Friday, folks. Wherever you are, find your good.

One of for the mamas: A sweet perspective changer from the lovely Hands Free Mama: The Life of the Party is Closer Thank You Think. A favourite read this week. Read it here.

This awesome bit of poetry by Lily Myers. “You have been taught to grow out, I have been taught to grow in.” A  wonderful piece on women’s body image.

An awesome video on sick kids and their doting staff lip synching to Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off. Gorgeous. Check it out here.

Loved this piece by Kate Baer, When You Are Tightly Wound. Because “we shame ourselves into thinking we’re the only ones who are overwhelmed, who cry in the bathroom, who sit in the grocery store parking lot as a vacation.” Another one for the mums, on the relentlessness of parenting. It was like a virtual pass-the-hot-tea-and-cookies (and a hug while you’re at it.) Read it here.

Ending with a Friday Photo Dump – my Small Instagram Happies (@theredtent on Instagram if you want to follow the feed.)


Happy Friday swishy skirt twirls, friends! Wishing you a lovely weekend.

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