Small Happies: Easter Edition

Happy Thursday, sisters.


I bought a bag of Cadbury Easter eggs, the ones from my own childhood, the small ones with the different coloured wrappers, the ones my parents bought for our egg hunts. It signalled the end of my post-wedding funk, which turned out to be the funkiest post-event funk I’ve been in, if we ignore those festivals I used to frequent with the dance music and the glow sticks. The back of those nights were not my prettiest moments but anyway, stop distracting me. Easter eggs. We’re talking about Easter eggs.

I picked them up and slung them into my trolley, and I felt it – that little spark of something that ignites in the presence of looming calender holidays. An excuse to sprinkle magic into my children’s childhood. A reason to celebrate. A chance to don my Traditions Matriarch crown and tip it to a glitter-filled sky.

Behold, a Small Happies post today, Easter style, because that one bag of Easter eggs set off a chain reaction of right-now things, and no one needs to ask me twice to dye a carton of eggs and get crafty with my kids.


I do however, need to google who the Easter bunny even is and why it is he (she?) leaves chocolate eggs for small children to find because my daughter’s incessant Why Phase is leaving me a little thin on answers.

The moral of the story is that ordinary right-now moments are pretty great, too. And Easter rocks.

Small Happies:

Suspicious Too-Quiet Moments. Usually, they are not welcomed, these moments. Usually they result in permanent marker all over Billy’s face, or illiterite text messages sent from my phone to people I’d rather not receive them. Turns out, though, Billy woke up from his nap and Ella, ever the accessoriser, had rather grand plans. I walk in to see this happening, and I like it a lot.






He’s so obliging, my boy. Nail polish, stick on earrings, lip gloss: He says yes to all experiences. I love him so.


Afternoon Playground Trips. They are the metaphorical glass of wine to my witching hour — where wild kids are free to let off their edgy steam and I get big doses of fresh air and smiles of solidarity with the other mamas there. Even when I have in my hot little care a code brown (not naming names, but she’s three, blonde and smily) and we’re running frantically to the public toilets, shoes and water bottles flinging from our dishevelled pram, it feels like an adventure.









Beach sunrises. Billy wakes up early. Like, way too early, and even though I’d like to say that I make the most of it, get up with him, and enjoy the wee hours of the morning, magical as they are, that would be a lie. Joel gets up with him, always, and I sleep in with Ella. Only after I have had my coffee can I think about any forward movement, and always after it’s light out. Joel and Billy watch the sunrise over the ocean, Ella and I join them afterwards. It’s lovely.






IMG_5986Easter Eggs. It’s the first year we’ve dyed eggs, Ella finally getting really into it this year. Needless to say, I fainted inside and tried my very best to curb my inappropriately obsessive enthusiasm. “Sure, honey”, I said when she asked if we could paint some as well. No biggie. Ohmygodbeingamumisthebesthowcoolarethreeyearolds???????






IMG_5816Easy egg dyeing: Add a teaspoon of vinegar to hot water in each glass jar or bowl. Add 20-25 drops of food colouring. Place your eggs in the jars or bowls so they are fully covered. Wait for about 15-20 minutes. For more vibrant colours, use white eggs. For more earthy colours, use brown eggs.

Post-bath neighbourhood strolls. Making the most of the last bits of warm weather. She still calls this her ‘new bike’.



IMG_5946And Billy’s down with the waving. He waves six hundred times a day. Any noise; car, bird, kettle, plane – they are worthy of a big hello.

IMG_5942Butcher’s Paper. It makes me happy. As do clicky pens. You know the ones. My parents never bought them for me when I was a kid and so I took it as the neglectful parenting is obviously was and I decided I would never rob my children of the childhood joy of clicky pens.




IMG_6012Rainy baking days. Truth is, I hate my kitchen. It’s poky, there’s no bench space, and its so old, no matter how much I scrub it, it still feels dirty. As a result, cooking in it isn’t my favourite thing to do. But on my good days, when I can see positivity even in spilt milk (see what I did there), I talk myself into making the best of what I have. I have a little girl who loves to crack eggs, I have an oven, and I have a kick-ass blueberry muffin recipe. Rainy day success. I felt like a real proper mum.

IMG_5996Pre-bed wind-down. Billy goes to bed before Ella each night and I so love that quiet half hour with her before I tuck her in for the night. We do our snuggliest talking then, curled around each other like new friends trying to impress one another. Always, I say, “What was your favourite thing about today?”, and always, she says, “Um, I don’t know!”, and then we go through all the lovely things that happened that day, all the things I know were highlights for her. It’s a ritual for me as much as it is for her to make awareness and gratefulness for the good things a way of life.

IMG_6017Pre-bed wind-up. When Daddy’s home to do bed, it’s a different story.




But it’s lovely all the same.

And lastly, this.



I walk through the house to see what Ella’s up to and find her reading to her baby.


Can barely handle it. I love her sweet heart. Such a mini-mama.

And with that, I’m raising my Easter freak-flag and wishing you all a fabulous long weekend. Go love on your people and eat some chocolate. I already ate the stash I bought for our egg hunt *ahem*. Quick Woolies trip today it is!

See you back here soon!




4 Responses to “Small Happies: Easter Edition”

  1. Erica Wheadon

    Hey – I know that bridge! Also – this was perfect. In so many ways. Also “The back of those nights were not my prettiest moments but anyway, stop distracting me. Easter eggs. We’re talking about Easter eggs.” — I almost died laughing. You’re amazing. x

  2. bridget

    all of this. so sweet, so hilarious.
    but billy’s leaning in to receive his ear adornment is particularly amusing.
    beautiful photography, rachel, as always. your small happies make us all happy, too.
    easter cheers to you and your adorable family!


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