The Ordinary

Popping in real quick today with a little photo dump. Small happies from ordinary life; my specialty.

“We all try to camouflage the monotony, but it takes a lot of energy to insist on being special all the time. Try for a moment to feel what relief there is in the ordinary.” Peter Hoeg

Bath time

IMG_6885After ten days, our boy had his burn dressings removed (thank you all so much for your kind thoughts and messages) and I could finally give him the bath both he and I were longing to run. Since water is church to him, he was especially thrilled.


Such a simple joy. Only recognisable when you have to go without it.



Scavenger Hunts


I love age three. Not sure if I mentioned that. Afternoons spent foraging around for sticks and seeds like they are holy treasures reminds me that kids need so little to thrive.








Family days


Ella loves to ride on trains, so some family days we take the train to the city and do sophisticated things like go to the Gallery of Modern Art.



IMG_6691And then the kids do unsophisticated things and totally blow our cover so we let them run free outside, which is just as exciting for them as being told they are allowed to stick stickers all over the furniture as per previous setting.








We break for sushi which is also exciting. Basically, everything is exciting when you’re a child. That’s why it’s so good having them.




New babies to love

IMG_6628Joel and I welcomed our very first nephew recently. Baby Oliver is so perfect none of us can stand it, and there has been a great deal of joy in our family as we welcomed him in.


Joel: You know, usually when I meet babies I think yeah sure whatever, that’s nice, but I really feel love for Oliver. I hope I can take him to aikido with me one day.

Me: *swoon*


IMG_6638And while we’re talking babies, this little mama can’t wait to get her hands on real ones.

IMG_6835Our social calendar’s priority list has changed from “Ella’s friends” to “Mummy’s friends with babies”.


Watching her with them turns my heart into a puddle on the floor. Oh what a sweet, beautiful girl she is.

And that brings us to Wednesday, friends.

All hail the ordinary day.




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