Red Tent Survival Guide: 10 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

I don’t know about you, but we here are a little behind the game when it comes to gift-giving. Actually, we’re a little behind the game with most things, but we’re talking gifts today, so we’ll just stick to the point. In an effort to make the celebrations of people and things more meaningful, I’ve put together a little gift guide, which is a little less for you and a little more for me, because plucking something off the Target shelf the day before a present is due while two kids hang off me and demand I feed them is not generally how I like to spend my time. I’m making more deliberate steps to be organised this year, giving the calendar celebrations the thought and heart they deserve. This just so happens to be in time for Mother’s Day, meaning my organisational skills conveniently allows Joel to fully understand what I may or may not be desiring as a gift. *ahem*

1. Home-made candles


Yesterday, Ella and I made these candles to gift my mum on Mother’s Day. My mum loves candles, and my girl loves making stuff, so it was a sweet little morning spent creating something meaningful and personalised. We had spare mason jars and labels and fabric at home, spent $15 on the soy wax and candle wicks (from The Art Shed in West End for any locals), and added a few drops of our favourite essential oils we had at home. An easy, inexpensive and personalised gift, and one the kids can be involved in making.


2. Personalised stacking rings


These sterling silver hand-stamped rings are one of my favourite bits of mama bling; a great gift idea to hint to your husband, or a gift to have made for your own mother. I love how thin and delicate they are, slipping right in beside my wedding ring to represent my little family.


You can find them at the Easy shop JustJaynes, or follow the link here. At $33 each (plus postage) they are another inexpensive but meaningful gift to add to your Mother’s Day repertoire.


3. Mother and Daughter Letter Book Set, by Whitney Biggs


I saw this at a couple weeks back and loved it: A set of 40 cards to be sent, shared and treasured, using prompts to share parts of lives and personalities otherwise gone unseen. It’s a lovely way to strengthen bonds with your own mother, or to allow your own children that same insight into your own life. Reminds me of a Kelly Corrigan quote, “What child can see the woman inside her mum, what with all the Motherness blocking out everything else?”. This is a good place to start.


4. Photo magnets


Turn some special Instagram photos into magnets your mum can look at every day. I love the square set of 10 for $14 from Printstagram. Choose some pictures of her grandkids, or other family members, and create a little collage of happy moments for her.


5. Fingerprint pendant


Another favourite piece of mama-bling, I got these made just after Billy was born by Little Silver Prints. You can choose from different shaped pendants, and have your child’s fingerprints pressed forever on a keepsake you can wear. I had the backs engraved with their names and birth details, and I flip the pendants over to that side sometimes, just to mix it up.


I love mine and I wear it all the time. Perhaps one to hint to the hubby.



6. Family print


I love these personalised family and pet prints from A great gift for your mum this Mother’s Day, or for your own wall.


7. Just Between Us, a journal for mums and their daughters.



I bought this quite a few months back, a wonderful idea for keeping closeness and communication open during the more difficult growing-up years of adolescence or pre-adolescence. (I’m already mentally preparing!)

IMG_6800I bought mine from The Book Depository, and it’s a great mama gift to slip into your husband’s gift suggestion box.



8. Printed quote


There’s nothing that makes a house more homey than beautiful quotes around the place. I’ve loved Katie Daisy quotes for years – we have several in our lounge room, and they are a gorgeous gift idea for your mum or for yourself.


9. Child art ideas



If card-playing is big in your family tradition, a great gift idea is to take your child’s art and turn it into personalised playing cards to gift your mother. It’s easy to scan artwork and upload it to your personalised cards. There are stacks of companies that do this, for example Snapfish. Another great child art idea for your mother’s present are place mats or mouse pads. Have your child draw something specific for her, and turn it into a treasured keepsake.


10. Just you and her day


Sometimes it’s hard to buy gifts for our parents because if they want something, they’ll generally just go out and buy it for themselves. This is where experiences can be a great gift idea, and one she’ll probably love more than something you’ve just plucked off a shelf. Think about all the things she loves and go do them with her. Think art exhibitions, shared pedicures, scouring second-hand bookstores, watch a show, talk or movie together. Keep the day a surprise — send her a letter in the post instructing her only that you will pick her up at a certain time. She will love you for it.

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  1. NatandDan

    Thanks so much for sharing Rach… Some lovely ideas here to inspire me to give a thoughtful gift this year to my mum 😊


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