Right Now

The perfect little girl plaid suspender skirt, cherry pie plans, winter sunlight, and new coffee coloured moccasins on their way for a little boy I love. New hoops of vintage florals ready to be hung up, fresh sheets, a clean kitchen and Mexican nights with girlfriends staying out longer than the three-hour free parking limit, but willing to pay full price for the value that was gained.

A little what-I’m-loving Wednesday post today.

Let us begin with this.


Our long weekend was the perfect balance of out with in – fish and chips by the water with friends married nicely with a Saturday pyjama party until 2pm, watching movies and crafting up our first ever homework project from Ella’s ‘school’. So I went overboard with the ‘fill out this blank page’ part in response to a few questions about ‘Ella’s Family Story’, but you know – me with my kid’s firsts is never usually a humble affair.

We may have made a poster.
Okay, two.




But listen, let’s not get hung up on details. I will simply say that I was high on life doing this little project alongside my girl, and it was certainly a more wholesome high than ones I’ve been on in the past.

Where were we?

Some pictures of our long weekend:




That ball? Billy decided to invent a game that, well, let’s just say that ball kept getting thrown over the sweet little wall into the water and while my heavily pregnant friend and I kept scrambling after it, it very quickly got confiscated.



Our husbands scoffed at the united mama-razzi force that my friend Kristin and I make but then will thank us in a year when they look back at baby books and photo books and say I’m so glad we have these. So husbands, eye-roll away. We see you and we raise you ten, buddy.


I am loving…

The way Ella swoons over babies. She holds them so tenderly, so desperately wanting to mother them. It truly turns me to mush.



I am loving…

The Elsa doll.


Hands down, Billy’s favourite toy. Elsa and Anna have already made it to Billy’s first ten words (thank you, Ella) and I love hearing his little patter of feet and a sweet voice saying El-Sha, El-Sha.

I am loving…

Shell-collecting by the water.



Sometimes we go for hours, sometimes a quick 30 minutes to get ratty kids out of the house. It always, always delivers — tantrums turn into grins, fights turn into “Come on Billy, this way!”, and I settle back and take it all in.





And afterwards, we roll through our driveway to have our neighbours over for treats.



Which brings us to the ripping-the-bandaid-off news that we’ve been processing for a few months now: Our beloved neighbours-turned-family are moving house. This weekend. It’s the end of a most awesome era of passing babies over back fences, of emotional debriefs through adjoining windows because someone’s husband is being crap, of births and deaths and everything in between — of the daily life we’ve shared together because our houses literally sit half a metre away from each other.

The Window.

Oh, the window.



It was bound to happen one day but still, right now, it sucks and I’m just going to stop talking about it.




I’m loving…

This little scene from last night: my children ‘helping me change the sheets’.




Ella’s room was party central and I may have let them stay up late because once fresh sheets were laid and the kids snuggled in, Ella took over mum duties and read Billy one bedtime story after another. “Now Billy, listen. We’re going to read four stories until bed, okay? If you make good choices, you can have five, okay? Good boy. Now Billy, then you’re going to go straight to bed, okay? On your own.” ….and he just smiled on like it was Christmas.

Who’s gonna break that party up? Not me.

Happy Wednesday! It’s all icing from here on in, sisters.


6 Responses to “Right Now”

  1. Yiraida

    I absolutely loved this post! I had a couple of giggles here and there. Your children are gorgeous by the way. I must wonder “What is the little red door in the room for”? I’m so curious. These are great photographs as well 🙂 XoXo

    • The Red Tent

      It’s a little fairy door, a Christmas surprise from Santa a couple years back. Comes in handy when we’re trying to break bad habits or encourage a change – the fairies leave notes or sometimes little gifts if Ella consistently does something (like sleeps through the night on her own). 🙂

      • Yiraida

        Awww! That’s so sweet! Very creative. I can relate, I have a 4 yr old son and his bad habits blow my mind. I’m getting used to trying to break them myself. I love the way you think, I have to figure out how to be creative with my little boy. I enjoy your blog, I find it humorous and very helpful! Xoxo

      • The Red Tent

        Thanks Yiraida! Yep, I’ve found creativity a life saver when dealing with these little munchkins 🙂 xo

  2. Christina Howes

    Oh I’m so sad to hear your lovely neighbours are leaving 😕 I hope you guys stay in touch and another lovely family move in. Love your post as always.


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