Life as Art

With a bout of sick kids, disrupted sleep, the arrival of my lady month (sorry, TMI?) and our beloved neighbours moving house, I just haven’t been feeling it lately. Funks are just such a bad place to find myself….I hate feeling inspiration-less.

I’m all for resting seasons and movement plateaus – life can’t all be up and at ’em, but funks have this nature to linger longer than is useful – pulling me into funk land which is all dreary greys and snapping at my kids. And so, I adopt a fake it till I make it attitude, which goes a little like: Hi, I’m Pollyanna. I am here to search for the good, write about the good, take pictures of the good, talk about the good and basically bathe like a lone, dirty traveller in the many little things that bring joy to our life until I am no longer faking it.

I read recently that “Act the way you want to feel” is a great antidote to feeling bad, because soon we start feeling the way we’re acting. We adopt an artist’s attitude, making art out of life. We take what we see of life and turn it into something good, true, beautiful, because always…we find what we look for. By being artists we search for interesting, beauty, magic – making every day sort of like a treasure hunt for goodness. It’s a fun way to live. Inspiration is such a big, good force in my life, so when I’m pressed for it…when I can’t feel it fuelling my treasure hunts, I pick up my camera and look around me. Even though I might fake it till I feel it, eventually, I feel it, too.

Act the way you want to feel.

Also known as Life as Art.


The Art of Afternoon Cups of Tea…



The Art of Making Life A Special Occasion…




The Art of Cute Umbrellas…




The Art of The Perfect Puddle Jump…





The Art of Rainy Day Robot Building…



The Art of Book Reading…



The Art of New Spaces…







The Art of Friendship…


This little gem arrived over a great big ocean from a blog reader-turned friend. One day I will make it to America and hug her in real life.


The Art of Matching Beanies…



And a little arty project to go with Ella’s new spruced up room – a colour study of Ella-ish things, made with paint samples and written by a mama who loves her just so.




Cape Blue: your just-born eyes, Vanilla Wafer: your first birthday romper, Shell Flower: the curls at the end of your hair, Summer Splash: how I feel when I’m with you, Honey Maple: your laughter, May Apple: your favourite nail polish.




Game on, Wednesday. I just Pollyanna-d all over you. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to paint my bedroom Summer Splash yellow.




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