An Ode To Spring

It arrived in a gust – my eye catching the mint green nail polish lying seductively on top of the pile at the pharmacy. The winds of happy far-away places lifted the hair from the nape of my neck and flitted me away to a place dripping with pastels and lace and new flower pots and flowy dresses and home-made ice blocks. There were tulips in vases and bright yellow sandals and I swear James Vincent McMorrow started crooning wispy songs of wildflower fields and great love.

The thing is, I forgot what I was in that pharmacy for and came home with two items – children’s Panadol, aged 5-12 years (the children are not sick…nor are they 5), and aforementioned nail polish. Because when Spring hits, may we drop everything, raise our freak flags, buy ourselves some yellow checkered seersucker rompers and go dance in the sunshine.

Where were we?

Our fridge.



Our winter bucket list was perused over, toasted marshmallow nights and fruit picking and Christmas in July all checked off, and replaced with a big, fresh page of potential — little prompts to ignite adventure and fun and time together, ones which say to our children it’s spring, let’s celebrate.

The kids rooms have been purged and we had a fun start to the week getting high on craft fumes and DIY projects to give Ella’s room a revamp and rearrange – inviting more open space to play, and changing up the meaningful things to display on her walls to make her room feel very ‘her’.

(I’m still without my camera…*uncontrollable sobbing*….iPhone pics for now.)

As expected, we hit a few bumps when it came to bedtime – Ella is a child who does not respond well to change. Every chair and book and doll must be put back in the right place for her to feel secure and relaxed before sleep time, so a simple repositioning of the bed is a large adjustment to her. It’s easy for us to say, “Ella, you’re being ridiculous”, but we work with our children’s comfort zones – however different they may be to ours – and we make room for them. This doesn’t mean we protect her from change – but we find ways to gently introduce it to her and then guide her through it. Our job is to prepare our children for a life beyond us so while for most families a room change is no big thing, it means a little more to us. We’re special like that.

We love spending time in her room and I will often walk past both kids on the rug at the foot of her bed playing doctors, or reading, or drawing all over each other with texters. Fresh spaces are inspiring places.

Cue transition to Holley Maher’s sweet voice floating through the open windows out to where we’re sitting on patchwork quilts in a field full of flowers. We cup homemade lemonade in our mint-green-decorated hands and watch the fluffy clouds float by, wondering if we’re hungry…or perhaps just ready for a nap. Take one, sisters…. you’ve got nowhere else to be. But first, let me introduce you to our latest photo challenge which is obviously The Official Countdown To Spring in case you were not aware.

Y’all can dig out your most springy thingys like braids and flowers and gardens and bubbles and paper straws and join me on the Instagram Spring Train by tagging your pics with #12daysofspringforeplay – 1 photo a day for 12 days starting Friday.

And I’m sorry about the sexy reference but I couldn’t think of anything else that rhymed with days.

Light some sparklers, pop some virtual party crackers, meet me on Instagram and come play along. Life’s so much better when there are things to celebrate. (And, yes, I have also received your requests for a messy house/real life photo challenge – and let it be known that this will also be happening sometime down the track.)

See you back here on Friday! Now if you’ll excuse me, I have hair to braid and cute new size 4 embroided Mexican dresses to buy. (Earmuffs, Joel.)


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