We left town over the weekend and took a mini-getaway – a belated wedding present staying for three days at The Mouses House in Springbrook. Otherwise known as heaven on earth. After being off the grid for the majority of the time, we returned home to a new prime minister (!) and I almost fell off my chair with relief, however I will protect this little tent of ours from becoming a political commentary and simply say good riddance to that sexist, climate-denying, anti-LGBT, human rights violater, and pray like hell that Malcolm Turnball releases all children and asylum seekers from Australia’s on and off shore detention centres, grants marriage equality in Australia, appoints someone who is actually concerned about women as minister for women, throws a stack more funding at domestic violence refuges and support systems and increases Australia’s intake of Syrian refugees.

Pardon me. I swing a little to the left.

Where were we?



Nature dominated our getaway – bush walks and waterfalls and fresh air and cozy fires and a gorgeous wood cabin nestled within green rainforest. It was just what the doctor ordered.





We experienced our first ever tick-removal-from-child and I’ll just apologise to all other guests right now for ruining their relaxing getaway. Ella screamed bloody murder and we had to shove chocolate at her afterwards to calm the poor thing down. Apart from that, it was all pretty landscapes and gorgeous winding roads and long spa baths and cheese and bikkies and rose’ on the deck and happy, indulgent times we were so grateful for.















We found some postcards at the front office and the kids loved writing to their grandparents about their holiday, which included a few scribbles and us translating: “I love my daddy and Billy and mummy. And there are horsie horises.”



We got home last night, exhausted but refreshed (such is holidaying with children, right?), and even though I love the adventure and change of Away, I equally love the feeling of Home.

Happy Wednesday to you and you and you.


4 Responses to “Springbrook”

  1. Kate

    Looks amazing! Thank you for sharing your adventure. I’m inspired to go and explore Springbrook too now. Happy Wednesday yourself lady 🙂

  2. lifelaughsandchaos

    What an awesome looking getaway, and what a treat to come home to find Abbott finally gone! 🙂 Don’t forget to twist when you pull out those ticks too, to make sure the head comes out!

    • The Red Tent

      Such a treat! Instilled a little hope at least that some policies I despise might change. Thanks for the tick tip – Joel did the twisting and pulling, I just held onto her and tried to soothe her with promises of chocolate. He had to pull out a chunk of hair with it unfortunately, which I’m sure would have hurt!


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