Be Yoi

I pulled all the quilts and blankets off our beds yesterday afternoon and set up camp in the lounge room, movie cued to Babe, beers in hands, snuggly babies to our sides. Throw in a stormy backdrop and it would have been perfect, but hey – I’ll take it anyway because a few degrees from perfect is still a bloody good place to find yourself.

Ella burst into tears when the cat got put out in the rain and Billy seemed more interested in jumping on our heads and then giggling, and not for the first time, Joel and I gave each other a look that went something like why do we bother, but after we set Billy up with some food (always our go-to Plan B) and explained to Ella that the cat was outside in time out because it was making bad choices and being mean to Babe, she calmed down and a big red sign flashed Crisis Averted while a fairy flew down and delivered us each a strong martini with an extra olive. I kid, I kid. Joel did, however, cook dinner afterwards which is pretty much the same thing.

And with that, a little Small Happies post tonight. I’ve been craving a long drawn out thoughtful writing session but my time and thoughts haven’t been on game lately – I’ve had lots of work on and my first wedding is coming up in a week and a bit. So my head’s been in photography and planning mode, and I’m happy to run with that while the weather is hot.

Some random things.

1. Since getting married in March, we’ve been meaning to book a family honeymoon overseas somewhere. Last week, we finally sat down together and booked flights and friends, we will officially be ringing in the new year in a little old place called India. Four weeks of saris and samosas. Super excited.

2. I cannot believe we’re nearly at the end of September.

3. Our pumpkin carving party planning game is strong. The switch was flicked on Saturday and I’m getting excited for the trifecta of October, November, December months – my favourite ones of all. Did somebody say Christmas? *cough*

4. I took my kids to the Australia Says Welcome rally a couple of weeks ago, a beautiful display of compassionate, world-thinking activists. A politician for the liberal party came onstage and I listened to what she said above the booing and condemning she received from the crowd, because it was poignant and a realistic road to take when up against government bodies. She said that the bottom line is, when Australians can show how well they receive and treat refugees, they can appeal to increase Australia’s intake. Governments reflect the societies they govern, and I’m aware there are many Australian people from the “unwelcome” side of the fence. But if you take a more compassionate view and if you believe in a global help-your-neighbour kind of world where xenophobia is just a funny word, there is so much you can do right now for refugees already in your community — if Australia helps already existing refugees, we can demonstrate how capable we are to receive more. Google organisations you can volunteer your time with in your own local community to help teach english, provide friendships, bridge culture gaps and help with basic supplies if you have some to spare. (Joel: Rachel,it’s so great you’re into this refugee thing, but you’ve gotta stop talking about it – I think you’re scaring people. They don’t want to hear about children getting raped while we’re all eating our roast potatoes. Me: Joel, I do not care. We are a human rights family now.)

5. There’s chicken soup bubbling on the stove and it makes me feel all Dorothy in Wizard of Oz…there’s no place like home.

Cue abrupt transition to Friday’s photo dump (I’m behind) – Instagram Small Happies of the week (@theredtent on Instagram if you want to follow the feed.)


And some happy moments that made me smile these past few days….

Rainbow pedicures…never get old around here.


Dusk at the park







My painter girl. Always craftin’. Always makin’.



Photography scouting and wedding shoot planning



Bedtime stories



Playing trains with my boy


I have to make the trains have a big crash on the tracks and he laughs hysterically. More, he says.

Happy Monday, friends. Clean Slate Day. Fill your cups with the good stuff.




And don’t forget, always be yoi.



(That has Billy’s name all over it.)

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