Inside Out

It’s funny the things you miss.

Driving a car. Salads. The routines that drove you away in the first place.

I think I’m dying were – I believe – the exact words that fell from my mouth mid-vomit yesterday. You want to know the definition of irony? Dispensing hand sanitizer every ten seconds, shouting “hands out of your mouth!” and “don’t touch that!” every five. Packing half a suitcase full of medicines and supplements and remedies and avoiding every place that screams FOOD CONTAMINATION. Then sitting down in a fancy restaurant, the fanciest one we’ve been in yet, and contracting gastro.

Since we’ve watched Inside Out about 57 times in the last 48 hours, I’m going to go all Joy and play the At Least game – the one Joel and I repeat to each other very often lately. At least we have air con. Oh God, could you imagine if we were still in Hampi? In that homestay with no hot water and no electricity? At least it didn’t hit us all at once. Could you imagine if the kids were sick at the same time we were? Oh God. Hell. That would have been sheer hell.

Speaking of Inside Out, can we just talk about that movie for a second? (Joy: Ugh. These facts and opinions look so similar! Bing Bong: Don’t worry about it. Happens all the time.) So brilliant. That movie made me cry like a baby and gave me so many great tools to help teach my kids about understanding themselves and their uncomfortable feelings. SO CLEVER. Those folks at Pixar? I want to drink their water.

As long as it doesn’t give us all gastro, of course.

Anyway, Kerala with its slow pace and beautiful narrow streets and charming old buildings and flower-adorned cottages and hotels with air con and cozy beds and hot baths has been our saving grace. After some gruelling overnight bus trips and all-nighters with unwell kids, we’ve enjoyed the rest days offered to us here.


But first, some stand-out moments of our week in Hampi and Bangalore, Inside Out style.

Joy: Hampi sunsets




Disgust: Fried eggs topped with garam masala. It’s how they came. I don’t recommend it. No photo available.

Joy: Skipping stones at the great lake in Hampi.






Anger: Previously mentioned fancy restaurant in Bangalore. So pretty. So lovely. But causing us a following three days of hell.



Joy: Children.


We stayed at a little village homestay in Hampi. Grandparents and uncles and great grandparents lived there together and I loved watching my children play with theirs.


Joy: Hampi landscapes. Big red boulders, stretches of green rice fields, wide open spaces.





Disgust: Vomit. Not sure if I mentioned that. Diarrhoea also. It really was a case of Inside Out.

Joy: Rug shopping in Bangalore.


“We’re buying a house this year.” Joel says. “Let’s buy something for it.” And since no one needs to tell me twice to shop, off we head to the rug shop.


“Sir, don’t think too much,” the salesman says to Joel after stating the price. “It is not good for your health.” I laugh. That is so India.


Sadness: Having gastro, feeling like you’re dying. Nursing your children through it. It’s no good.

And so, we’re gathering up our joy and sadness, fear and disgust and anger, and onward we move. They are with us, at home or abroad, and so we make friends with them all and carry on.



Happy Friday, friends.





3 Responses to “Inside Out”

  1. NatandDan

    Oh Rach you poor things! But I can’t help laugh they way you tell it 😂 And yes thank goodness the four of you didn’t all get it at once… I can vouch from previous experience it ain’t fun. At all. But massive kudos to you for keeping positive! Loving all the fab pics… India looks truly amazing! Hope you all get well soon xxx


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