Happy Stuff

There is a splash of red on my lips today, our floors are freshly mopped, and my boy and I are about to paint our toenails thanks to a new polish I bought. Hence, I have nothing important to say but the ramblings of some small happies we’ve been enjoying lately.

Autumn teaser.


The days have been gorgeous lately. A faint coolness in the air, clear skies, crisp breezes — a precursor to season changes I so love. (Bring on Autumn!) So we’ve been wringing out the last bits of summer vibes while we can: picnics on the beach, swims at grandparent’s houses and afternoons spent licking ice creams on the front steps.




Slow mornings.


With new schedules this year, we’re getting used to new rhythms of rushed mornings and getting everyone out the door on time. There’s a buzz to it I like, but still, on those couple days we get to take our morning slow – no kindy, no lunch boxes to be packed, no rushing to work – I love the relaxed, rolly (it’s a word) feel of sipping second coffees and silly little games and just being together.




Little Friends.


Ella has her first sleep over at her pal Ava’s house tonight and we have.not.stopped.hearing.about.it. Our girl is growing up and out and it just feels so nice for my friends and I to watch our children grow up together.

Daddies who hair.


Is there anything sweeter to watch?


She asked for two plaits.




Before-dinner swings.


When the weather is awesome and the kids need to get their last bits of energy out.


Sleepy-eyed boys.


Party planning.


We’re headed into another party soon, this one for a little girl who is about to turn four! She’s having a disco party at a local dance centre she loves so it’s all crazy disco glasses and tutus around here now that the countdown has officially begun. Also.have.not.stopped.hearing.about.it.


New wheels.


My boy has some favourite new wheels and they come EVERYWHERE. I draw the line at reserving them a place at our dinner table.


I love watching his interests unfold, though. Such a fun part of parenting.

Sneaky siblings.



There was SO MUCH giggling going on here that I couldn’t bear to tell them to stop.


Jumping on beds is a childhood rite of passage, right?

Grandparent time.


Always lovely to watch.


Little mummy.


Rarely without a baby in her arms.

These two.


Sometimes photos like these can really make me catch my breath. They’re just two branches from the same tree, Ella and Billy, growing their own way but holding onto this insanely eternal trust, loyalty and friendship.

Kindy mornings.


Where our girl is ready since, like, yesterday to get to school, excited so she is. At 6:30am: Mum? Mum! Can we go to school yet? Can we? 

So we head to the coffee shop because two hours is a VERY long time to wait.



Anyway I basically spend those two hours wondering what the hell happened to my life and why we now have a teenager.


A teenager who tells me she can watch Shrek now without getting scared and also, when can you leave me at the gym again, mum? That kid’s area was fun. Billy cried a bit for you but only because a kid took his toy. I told him he was fine. And then he was fine.

And lastly, this.


I was in the kitchen making dinner when I hear hysterical giggling behind me. Ella was standing in front of a salad bowl turning her reflection into the most hilarious shapes.


I was grumpy and bothered and tired and this unexpected little moment totally caught me off guard and turned my afternoon around. We stood there for a good fifteen minutes making our faces go funny and laughing like crazy.


Redemption comes in the most surprising of places.


And to end….drum roll please

A happy little special this Friday!

If you’ve been hanging out to get a photo session with me but just never quite sent that email or picked up that phone or wondered how it might fit within your budget, now is your time. For the first five people who book, I’m offering super discounted Mini Shoots.


You will receive a one hour photo session, plus either ten edited, high res images OR two 5×7 prints of your choice. The sessions will still be of the natural style you’re used to, full of special in-between moments and small details that count for everything.

And I can EVEN send this out as a gift voucher if you’ve been wanting to gift a loved one with the best present ever – a laid-back and super gorgeous photo session.

Have I mentioned how priceless photos are?

Okay, shameless sales pitch over – there are only 5 spots available so call me on 0421 958 375 or send an email to rach.wiley@gmail.com with the subject line ‘Mini Shoot’ to reserve your place.

Happy Friday!



Things ain’t always easy dear,

but happiness is free,

so won’t you just stay,


with me.

Holly Maher



2 Responses to “Happy Stuff”

  1. Arena percival

    So enjoy a glimpse into your life now Rachel! The photos are magnificent. Thankyou for sharing your journey with your beautiful children. Big love to you, Arena xo


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