Friday, Friday

A quick Friday post pop in today. We had a successful drop off for Billy today, owing to Freddo frog bribes and a whole lot of “You’re a big boy now! How exciting!”. Here he was last Friday on Day One:



The smiling didn’t last long — after two hours of inconsolable sobbing when I left, the girls and I decided it best to pick him up and try again next week. It was a horrible two hours, separation anxiety running high from our little boy, who to be honest, I think went into more shock about not being by Ella’s side than being separated from me. The girls said he cried out for Ella continuously, interspersed by sobs for me, and basically the whole experience was too much and I swooped in and cuddled him for the rest of the day because we like to take baby steps over here. Today, I am proud to report he is happily playing, high on sugar and I stashed some more chocolate in his teacher Mel’s pocket for back-up as I left. Success!

This week’s photo dump: (@theredtent on IG if you care to follow the feed).

friday photo dump 2

And a few of my favourite Friday Follows if you’re looking for some great new IG accounts to get inspired by.


J and M closet: Theeeee cutest pre-loved vintage fashion for kids. From the states so shipping can be a little pricey, but for awesome one-off pieces like rompers, suspender shorts, vintage dresses etc, the best. I shop this store a lot, especially for pieces for Billy.

What’s Baby Eating: Super healthy, easy food inspo for feeding little ones – babies/toddlers/school kids. She posts the recipe under each meal pic which I love for quick reference instead of scrolling through a website. Sooooo many good meal and snack ideas.

The Gray Gang: Love this one for motherhood musings. She keeps it real and relatable and can make motherhood less lonely some days.

Baby Goes Retro: A really fun kid’s clothing line. I’ve splurged on a few on-sale pieces for the kids and I don’t know, their stuff just makes me happy.

A few pictures of our week to take us out:








Wishing you all a fab long weekend. Who’s making it to the dawn service on Monday? (We are! We are!)

Y’all come back now.


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