Our New Home

Oh hi there. After a too-long radio silence I’d like to inform you that if you ever find yourself considering divorcing your spouse, I highly recommend moving house just to seal the deal. Happy marriages and moving just do not go together. Like citrus and dairy. Like mornings and broken coffee machines.

We are on speaking terms now which is obviously great news, but two days ago when Todd The Electrician was installing a light fixture in our new home which flung itself into my trolley when I was innocently walking through Ikea, he asked me if we were thinking about having a third baby, to which I replied: “Well, I thought I wanted another one, but to be honest, I just don’t think my marriage could sustain that kind of pressure anymore. We are not without our problems, Joel and I — Oh god, it’s all just so ridiculous sometimes and I’m really not sure. I mean, is it meant to be this hard? What do you think? What do you think about marriages? Should we have a third baby? Do you think it will be okay?”.

The kind man could not leave fast enough.
He hasn’t even invoiced me yet.

Anyway, moving on. It’s all good. Nothing six months of therapy can’t fix. Kidding! It’ll be more like twelve.


Tonight we’re taking a little house tour, because snooping through other people’s homes is the best and everyone loves doing it even if they deny it, and also because a couple of you have asked to see it.

That’s not true. Nobody has asked. I’ve had way too much coffee today.


My parents bought this house a couple of months ago with the intention of demolishing it in 12 months and selling the two blocks of land in sits upon. It was a total dump when they bought it – the previous owner worked in some scrap metal yard and the house was literally put together by whatever odds and ends he found. I’m pretty rustic when it comes to places — able to see charm and work with falling down walls and peeling paint, throwing a few rugs and trinkets around and calling it home, but even I was all Um, no at the suggestion we might consider moving in. However, even on a super low budget, a few tins of paint and a lot of elbow grease, it’s somehow turned into this cute and cosy homestead kind of feel home that ticks every single box on the list I was trying to manifest in a house months ago. Except for the “and we own it” part. I forgot to write down the fact that we would own it. Rookie error.

Overhead beams, wooden floors, an inside laundry, a big pantry, a huge kitchen bench space for cooking with the kids, air conditioning, a craft corner for Ella and Billy, a fenced off yard for the kids to play while I cook dinner – everything about this house is so functional that the thought of moving again from it makes me wonder if Joel and I really will get divorced.

Behold – our new home. For a little while anyway.

Front entrance.






The kids LOVE their craft corner and I love watching them gravitate there daily and ask to draw and paint and write.

Favourite room features:

  • White washed walls: The dark wood walls here were lovely but darkened the space way too much. We watered down some white paint, painted on a coat, wiped it back a little, waited for it to dry, then sanded it back here and there.


  • Floor boards: Mum and dad wanted to polish the floors, but for such a short living time before the house would be knocked down, I convinced them to keep the floorboards as they were to save on reno expenses and I really love the rustic look. Throw a few rugs around and it feels really homey.











Favourite features:

  • $200 kitchen bought off Gumtree and installed by dad – fitted with some slabs of pine from Bunnings as bench tops. I love the extra big breakfast bar bench – a space the kids can easily help me cook and bake, something I had been longing for for years to do more freely.


Billy’s Room (to the right of the front entrance).







Favourite features:

  • The light. It’s the brightest room in the house – open and airy and all his toys are in suitcases and baskets in corners all over, inviting lots of self-initiated play and imagination. The kids have barely asked for screen time since moving here which has been really nice to watch.

Ella’s Room. 





Favourite features:

  • Wooden floorboards as per usual
  • The wallpaper. This was a little splurge and something I wanted to have a play around with. My wall was a disaster we ended up covering by Ella’s bed (!) and then mum stepped in and did the other wall, and since the 70’s were all ABOUT the wallpaper, she basically slapped it on with her eyes closed.


Our Room.




Still a work in progress – boxes fill the corners but we’re getting there.




The yard is massive, gated off entirely and the kids are outside all the time – on the trampoline, collecting chicken eggs, riding bikes, digging up worms. We have a little patio at the back steps we’re working on – festoon lights, and outdoor setting, a nice space to sit come spring.

But for now, this is home.





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