Our Summer Bucket List

I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before, but if you are ever considering divorcing your spouse, I highly recommend selling, buying, or moving house just to seal the deal. We’ve just bought a forever home which is obviously exciting but you guys, the PAPERWORK. The paperwork alone is enough to have you wanting to throw your spouse’s belongings out the window. We Delaneys, we’re mostly good and a little bad. We try hard but we find life harder and so there is no solution to how hard life is but to take it out on each other. We are mature and forward-thinking like that. Am currently printing out these 6 relationship strategies I learnt in marriage counselling and whacking it on our fridge in between deep breaths and chanting the serenity prayer.

Anyway, where were we? Oh yes, WATERMELON DRESSES.

I like to do this little thing called directing my “being an adult is too hard” overflow to the place it settles most: My children. They are both a great cause of my stress and yet my greatest stress-relief. When Joel says ‘Can you fill out those forms today’, it gets translated to: ‘Kids, I’m taking us to get ice-cream.’ What can I say? I’m mature, I guess. I can cope with all sorts of problems and life admin is no exception.

But you guys, the sun is rising earlier and earlier, it’s 25 degrees today and there’s that feel to the air that hints it’s coming: late-night barbecues and days at our favourite waterpark and new swimmers and ice cream dates and the intoxicating scent of summer I so love: chlorine and sunscreen mixed together, inhaled at night from their hair when I tuck my children into bed. You know me and seasons — they send me into a giddy spin. I was saving this fabulous watermelon dress for Ella I bought a while back for the official “it’s summer” flag raiser, but she plucked it from her wardrobe and wore it yesterday and the rest is history.

Besides, I’ve got a ton of paperwork to fill out so, you know, a Spring/Summer Bucket List was obviously expected.

Joel’s gonna be so excited!

Behold, our 2016 Spring/Summer Bucket List:

  • Catch a firefly
  • Water balloon fight
  • Go swimming at Cedar Creek waterfall
  • Lemonade stand
  • Road trip to Byron
  • Water gun fight
  • Set up slip and slide in the backyard
  • Go to Stanthorpe in wildflower season, swim in Giraween National Park rock pools
  • Go bowling
  • Throw a sleepover for Ella and her friends
  • Plan a pool party at our favourite waterpark
  • Plant lavender
  • Camping at Chris and Al’s property
  • Make friendship bracelets
  • Print out a winter photo book and start a summer photography project ready to be turned into a book journal
  • Swim at the Brookfield dam
  • Weekend homemade pizza party with friends
  • Games night with friends
  • Go geocaching
  • Make iced tea
  • Day trip to Underwater World (Billy is obsessed with sea life these days)
  • Make flower crowns
  • Buy better ice block moulds and try making some new ice block flavours

I’m excited already.

And a few Small Happies from life lately:

Bonfire night at my brother’s property in Pine Mountain. 











Games morning with my kids.





Sweet as pie sleeping little boys.



Neighbourhood walks.



Finding little bits of evidence of my girl when she is at kindy.


Mother nature putting on a show for a photo shoot I had on this past weekend.


Frozen tatts.



A magic show for the kids as a nice surprise when we were out for dinner with friends the other night.



And mornings at the pier, fish watchin’.








What’s on your summer bucket list this year? Do share!

Happy Tuesday!



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