Start Here

It’s Day Two of Spring (who’s wearing mint green nail polish?), which basically means one of three things:

1- New saltwaters bought
2- Yellow floral dresses being delivered
3- Counting down the days until our waterpark opens

In this case, all three apply, and right now I’m one flower crown away from turning all Anne of Green Gables and putting both kids in flowy peasant dresses and telling them to go milk the cows.


I love Spring.

Who am I kidding, I love all the seasons, but there’s something about September that has me all gung-ho and motivated. I’m far more inspired to tackle resolutions, to make new goals, to change habits and to start fresh in Spring than I am at the beginning of a new year. This spring thing has me excited beyond finding that perfect floral thing for my closet. I’m also reorganzing my priorities, straightening my routines and cleaning up my little brain that tends to soak up more crap than it should sometimes. Besides, this is the last quarter: the Summer, Halloween, Christmas trio that sends my soul into back flips and has me annoyingly giddy. My friend to me the other day: I’ve already started looking for Christmas cushions on Etsy. Me: Same. Shut up and don’t tell anyone.

So I start here. With what I know.

What I know is that my love for my family is the most driving, settling, comforting, inspiring force in the universe for me. It is always a great place to start. When things feel messy, uninspired, overwhelming, I find such clarity in thinking about my family. My goals for us, my hopes for them – and all the little happy things that fill in the spaces around the big big love I have for us.

Filling the spaces this past week has looked like:

Surprising them with after-kindy ice-creams by the ocean, SUCH a treat for these deprived, health-crazy parented kids.





Exploring new playgrounds.



Quiet mornings spent at home with my boy, cutting out screen time and making new habits.



Following and encouraging new interests.


This girl’s got skater sass and we took her for first trip to the skate park and sweet Lord, we have not stopped hearing about it.







Officially adding ‘skate park’ to the list of after-kindy events.



Turning chores into fun at the car wash.



Taking trips to the library with Billy who loves birds so much we have to stop and feed them.



Still never quite managed to attract them down, but hey – he’s happy just to try.


Finding big, big love in our annual Father’s Day tradition — taking the kids to the two-dollar store and letting them spend $10 each on things they think their daddy would love. Previous year’s top contenders include thong erasers and black craft feathers, but this year I think they chose pretty well, after I pried the horrid cat figurine from Ella’s grip and pointed her in the direction of the sports section.






Presents this year:

A pair of slippers, some flower seeds, and some water guns. Joel’s gonna be thrilled.


And lastly, a night which ended like this. My babies curled inside in a tent, watching Spirit.


Translated: Christ is Risen.

Happy September. Happy Spring. Happy “Start Here.”



And a great big Happy Father’s Day for Sunday to all the dads out there! We see you and we celebrate you!

2 Responses to “Start Here”

  1. Christina

    Lovely post Rachel. 😃
    I too LOVE spring and have been getting my family excited for it. Even though our winters are glorious and mild, my mood is still affected by it. When spring arrives and the days become longer and warmer i suddenly feel inspired and motivated again. This is the time i make resolutions for myself. This time i want to read every day and exercise in some form every day. These things help me feel better. It’s time to shake the winter blues 😊


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