Our Kid’s Bedroom Makeover

When we moved into our new house on December 1st last year, after a massive few months renovating, we did a Dump and Run. Oh, what’s a Dump and Run, you ask? Well, it’s when you put up a few beds and then the Christmas month hits and then you realise you are pregnant and then you find yourself slumped over a bucket most days and life gets too chaotic to think beyond dinner and clean underwear each day and then suddenly it’s the end of February. We moved into a liveable, semi-organised home with great plans to finish off our twenty million projects to make it the Pinterest-worthy home we’d planned out (or even to just have skirting boards) but who are we kidding. We Dumped and then we Ran, and eventually, bedrooms ended up looking like this.


Please note that Ella has started sleeping on the floor like a Boxcar child. Billy’s bed is made, however, so obviously: WE ARE ON THE BALL AROUND HERE.



This room had been distressing me for weeks until I could no longer take it and decided to embark on the first official nesting mission of my pregnancy: OPERATION KID’S BEDROOM MAKEOVER.

I feel as though this is a good place to mention that I tried the minimalist thing once. I followed those minimalist’s Instagram squares and I lapped up those rooms that screamed Simple and Timeless and Classic like anybody would and I vowed to recreate the same vibe in my own home. I LOVE antiques! I could TOTALLY do classic one off pieces with a simple plant on top AND THAT IT IS. Clean benches, clutter free, earthy, neutral colours, yes ma’am, I’M ON IT.

And now I feel like this is a good place to mention that we are who we are, folks, and if one’s style is a little more like a unicorn vomited out a rainbow onto everything, then we accept and move on, friends.

Accept and move on.

I hereby present our Shared Kid’s Bedroom Makeover:








When it comes to kid’s bedrooms, the main things I wanted was Fun, Inviting, and Practical. Given it was a shared bedroom for Ella and Billy, I didn’t want it to be overly gender-based either. I added a few DIY changes, with a couple of new things like pillows and wall decorations and the whole project cost under $150.

Some favourite features:

  • A reading nook.


This was part of the “inviting” component, which took all of stringing some twinkle lights up and huddling some pillows into the bunk corner I had already mounted a book shelf in.


I swap out the books every week and add new favourites to our display and already, it has been an invitation to sit there and read together, because cosy spaces make you want to be in them more.


I also added new pillows to the top bunk to create a reading spot for Ella when she needed quiet time after school.


  • I stained the IKEA bunk beds a walnut colour to make it stand out more.


  • Painted IKEA cupboards



Whoever has the job of naming paint colours, I want it. So far on my imaginary list are as follows:


Fox Red

Meadow Skies


Moonshine Grey

And we’ll stop there because otherwise this will be a very long post.

I wanted to brighten up those minimalist cupboards I bought during my Simple, Timeless phase and turn them into something that was like the total opposite of Timeless or Simple.

I decided on the Dulux colours: Jolt of Jade, Mint Green and Shutterbug. Love how they turned out.

  • Baskets and suitcases.


Under the “practical” category, I wanted toys the kids could get to themselves, with easy tidy up. In my five years of parenting, I’ve learned that baskets and suitcases are the best way to store kid stuff, and it’s super important to have regular go-through-and-chuck-outs of toys. Some toys I put away and bring out on rotation like our lego, Magna Tiles and games, but mostly I keep toys to a minimum and donate a lot as time goes on and plastic crap starts piling up. Favourite things I have out are dress-ups, Ella’s dolls, books, Billy’s car and train sets, and games like Memory and Uno. They all have a place though, and baskets are it.


  •  Ella’s sleeping cubby.


She cannot be coaxed back into a bed these days, and it’s a battle I don’t have the strength to fight so I made her sleeping quarters a little more contained and inviting by adding the teepee she got for her first birthday.


So far, we’ve spent a lot of time in the kid’s room, playing toys and make believe games before school, and reading books at night before bed. It’s super cosy and inviting, encouraging play and time spent together, all important aspects of what I try to evoke in a room.




Looking forward to making more memories in this shared room of theirs.




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