Autumn Teaser and a Few Small Things

Lest you think someone’s drugged me and taken over my identity, I feel it’s my duty to acknowledge that I’m well aware it is day 3 of autumn. I have been celebrating in the only way one should celebrate, and that’s by ordering new apple red Mary Janes and thrifting for granny square blankets and felt orange hats and dreaming about what to put on our bucket list this season. (Horse-riding farm stays in tiny wooden 1920’s cottages- yes please! A trip to the pick-your-own lavender fields? Yes, yes, yes. ) But look, I have a tendency of going too hard too soon, so I’ll reign in my autumn hysteria for a little longer, anyway. We had one cooler day and I was so happy I lost my mind about it, but the air con’s been back on the past two days and it’s developed a huge leak so even it’s a little pissed.

Right now, after three months of struggle, the fog is slowly beginning to lift. By far, it’s been the most mild of pregnancy sickness I’ve had (I’m looking at you with that one, Billy) and though mornings are still a struggle, my love for life is returning and I’m refinding joy in all the little things lost to me before.

Right now, I’m loving….

– the new thrifted lace tablecloth on our dining table

– putting together easter baskets for my little loves

– purging clothes cupboards to make room for beanies and tights and socks and cable knit jumpers

– a quiet house

– sweet orange and purification oils in the burner – my favourite combo right now

– putting together an autumn bucket list

– fresh sheets on the clothes line

And some pictures of the past couple weeks of some more small, happy things.


Cooler weather wardrobe additions.





Art gallery dates with my boy.






Nights like these, gathered reading stories under the lights.


Billy thinks it’s hilarious when Joel swaps out Peppa for Ella and George for Billy.



Pregnancy news.


We are pleased to announce Billy is expecting and it’s going to be a boy. “Me got baby, Mummy!”

I could not be prouder and I’m looking forward to meeting the little bundle of joy.

Oh wait, there he is.


Ella has already introduced the baby to her nail salon. He wasn’t too happy about her choice of polish colour but she didn’t seem to care because apparently she’s the boss around here so get it line folks, and keep it down.

Sunsets on my brother’s property.




Where all Billy’s tractor dreams come true.



It’s always such a treat for us and the kids to visit my brother. He owns 60 acres – stacked with wildlife – and every time we make the drive out, we enjoy country-ish things like bonfires, tree climbing, tractor rides and making lists of animals to find in our night time spotlighting.








Sunsets at the jetty.


Including Ella’s beloved stroller, her favourite birthday present.




Funny boys.


I’ll buy one, thanks!



The simple joy of cooking again.


I’ve been craving this tuna pasta salad and it feels really good to eat well again and serve my family delicious, healthy food.


And lastly, skate park dates.



And that brings us to Friday. Hope you’re enjoying the prettier blog! Still a work in progress. (The photos are too small, I know, but there’s a coding situation happening and I’m trying to figure it out. CSS is not my forte, folks. Hope to get it all running smoothly soon.)

Happy weekending!

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