Easter Crafts & Baskets

So I thought it was easter in a couple of weeks and went full steam ahead on my Hallmark dial, putting together Easter baskets with sweet new winter jammies and Bunny Rummy playing cards, and planning what easter outfits my kids will wear to our local easter fair. I texted my friend a photo of our easter front door wreath yesterday because I knew she’d love it and she writes back: Um, pipe down there tiger. Easter’s five weeks away.

On that note, I present to you a fun easter craft you have FIVE WEEKS TO COMPLETE, plus a few more eastery things to inspire you for the coming holiday.

EASTER FRONT DOOR WREATH  (I am a firm believer that the world would be a better place were there a front door wreath for every occasion).

Finished product:

Step One: Cut your fabric strips up to fit around the wreath. I used a wooden hoop (used for cross stitching, etc) but foam also works.

Step Two: Glue them down piece by piece with a hot glue gun. (If you don’t have a hot glue gun, stop what you’re doing right now and go buy one. They’re cheap as hell and you can make pretty much ANYTHING with them, including re-hemming dresses if you don’t sew. Ahem, moving along.)

This doesn’t have to be perfect, no one will see the back.

Step Three: Grab whatever fake flower you like (oops forgot to add that in the what you’ll need part) and twist the wire around so it stays secure. Also, don’t shame fake flowers. They have their place. Like on my dining table.

Step Four: Hot glue gun down the little chicks and the vintage foam egg (I found mine at Lincraft). And viola! Finished.

Step Five: Hang and admire.

There are stacks of easter wreath ideas on Pinterest, so take a squizz and get inspired. Life is way better when you make stuff.

I used the rest of those cute vintage eggs to make a garland thing for our dining area and the whole process made me easter-fy the room.

(Aforementioned fake flowers, looking fabulous and so very easter, thank you very much.)

And look, since I’m on Hallmark steroids right now, may I introduce you to our Easter baskets.

We’ll do an egg hunt because every childhood easter has to have one, but finding cute new winter jammies led to finding some gorgeous easter baskets which led to raiding the $2 shop for fun easter stuff to pack inside and surprise my little loves on easter morning.

Which is FIVE WEEKS AWAY just so we’re clear.

Those egg hunt eggs I’ve got stashed in the fridge in preparation have no chance of lasting the distance which brings us to our final point: There is such a thing as being too organised. Check your calendar, friends.

Happy crafting!

And don’t forget to nap.

Life is hard, you guys. We get through on coffee and naps.

Happy nearly Friday!

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