Our Autumn Bucket List

All it took was a quick google of “Autumn in Stanthorpe” and I was off — dreaming of apple picking and pie baking and a whole season’s worth of magic.

I love all the seasons but I especially love the coolness of autumn, the crisp breezes through my bedroom window in the morning, the boots, the huddling, but mostly, the call for home. For making things cozy. For the simmering of soups on stoves and warm jammies and new books for bedtime. Though I’m excited by plane rides and the thrill of different cities, the comforts of home will always be my true north, and to me — autumn means home.

One of my favourite seasonal lists to put together each year is our Autumn Bucket List — stuck to our fridge and inspiring this little family of mine to look forward to the autumn traditions we add to each year.


  • Cinnamon donuts under the Albany creek autumn trees
  • Jump in pile of leaves
  • Weekend horse riding farmstay
  • Winter-fy the back deck: chimenea fireplace, festoon lights, dining table, hanging plants
  • Stanthorpe long weekend: apple picking
  • Bake apple pie
  • Order new boots for Ella and Billy
  • Make caramel apples with the kids
  • Autumn scavenger hunt
  • Go to the Kingaroy pick-your-own lavender farm
  • Bake pumpkin bread
  • Order some new children’s story books
  • Make a big pot of chilli con carne
  • Sunday soup night with friends
  • Dry leaf painting craft with the kids
  • Autumnify our front entrance with an autumn wreath and autumn leaf garlands
  • Order some new cable knit jumpers for Billy and autumn/winter dresses for Ella and me.

And since autumn equals home, here is a little autumn playlist I’ve made for you on spotify — a whimsical, folksy, slower paced series of songs to inspire you to gather at home, beautify your space and enjoy the slow comforts of your days.

Search theredtent on Spotify and click on the Autumn Playlist if you can’t view the link.

Happy Autumn, friends.

What do you love to do in autumn? I’d love to hear your traditions!

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