Log Cabins and Tooth Fairies

We’re heading into one of my favourite months of the year. April with its tights and crisp breezes, its boots and fresh air, its perfect days and cosy nights. School holidays kicked off in style as we ticked off an autumn bucket list adventure, took a road trip north for the weekend, and stayed in a tiny log cottage in the middle of the Maleny mountains. It was an autumn paradise. My inner Laura Ingalls Wilder was basically internally hysterical the entire time, taking in the wrought iron beds and crackling fires and cold creek water like my life depended on it.

A little film of our trip away:

And some favourite pictures: (trip details at the end)

Accomodation: Wattle Gully Retreat, staying in the Rosegum Cottage

Horse Riding: Mooloolah Horse Riding Centre

Maleny Must-Do’s:

Gelato at Maleny Food Co/Colin James Fine Foods, Maple Street. Gelato and gourmet cheeses in the same shop. I repeat, gelato and cheese in the same shop!

Lunch at Shotgun Espresso, Maple Street. Amazingly fresh, straight-from-the-garden tasting meals, nailing the vego options.

Vintage shop: Antiques and Vintage Treasures in Maleny, Maple street.

Maleny diary farm tours – great for the kids!

There are also a stack of wineries, bush walks, and gorgeous tourist drives to take. Spend an afternoon wandering through Maple street, the main street of Maleny looking through all the eclectic, vintage and art shops. A gorgeous, quaint country town that I fell in love with instantly.

And wrapping up today’s post with a few little Small Happies pulled from my camera of a few things we’ve been enjoying lately…

The Tooth Fairy.

Our girl lost her first ever tooth and the hysteria which followed was seriously magic. Such a fun little milestone.

Also, in case you were wondering, the going rate for the tooth fairy has changed since you were a kid. If you ever decide you’d like to feel inadequate as a parent, I highly recommend typing “tooth fairy ideas” into your Pinterest search bar, and then just sitting back to let the overwhelm wash over you. My friend tells me she knows someone who gave their child a $50 note for their first tooth. I was not that friend. I scrambled around for any gold coins I could find and settled on $3 and a couple of easter eggs from our rapidly diminishing easter egg stash which is so totally not lasting until easter. The tooth fairy and the easter bunny are friends, you guys, and they sometimes like to switch up gifts DIDN’T YOU KNOW?

My just-him days.

With Ella at school five days a week, I have loved my slow, calm one on one time with just my boy. We play UNO approximately sixty-seven times a day, and Dinosaur snap sixty-eight.

I don’t even have to let him win anymore. He’s a shark.

Mini school.

And then when Ella comes home, we settle into damage control time, where I guide them into very quiet activities, mostly of Ella being the boss in roles like teacher, mother, or doctor and Billy in his usual Billy style, going along without much fuss as student, baby or patient.

Creek walks. 

Where for the ninety millionth time I feel so grateful to live where we do.

Easter bonnets.

We made our first ever easter bonnet for Ella’s school easter hat parade and we decided to go for “Most Tacky” in the category selection.

For Billy’s daycare hat parade, we continued the theme.

The last of summer dinners.

Crazy hair day.

Which was cancelled because school shut down due to the extreme weather, but which we hosted at home instead.

Sibling love.

Catching them in a moment of play and friendship — there is so little that makes me as a mother as happy.

Baby kittens.

When I can’t find my kids, I know they are next door trying to pin the new kitten down and smuggling her into the house.

Ella is either going to be the CEO of some top corporate company one day, delegating orders and calling the shots, or she will start an animal shelter and spend all day nurturing them.

And that brings us to Tuesday. Hope you are enjoying this gorgeous, crisp Autumn weather. School holiday ideas coming soon!



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