The Ing’s of Early Autumn + a Dried Orange Garland Craft

dried orange garland // porridge with boysenberry coulis // autumn layers // pretty blooms // leg warmers she won’t take off // changing colours // all day jammies // bumps in winter dresses // drying quilts // nighttime fires

These past few days have been a paradise for cooler weather lovers and we are well and truly settling into cosier home days and all the wonderful things autumn brings.


  1. Watching: Geopolitics very closely
  2. Crafting: Dried orange garlands for our kitchen windows
  3. Baking: Apple crumble
  4. ReadingWhole Family Rhythms, Autumn Guide — a wonderful Waldorf-inspired home learning guide for little ones, giving me so much inspiration and intention and structure to our days together at home
  5. Craving: Sweets, thank you baby
  6. Organizing: Winter closets and outgrown clothes
  7. Sipping: Nettle tea
  8. Loving: The beginnings of putting together the baby’s room. Found an amazing moses bassinet on Gumtree yesterday for $40 and all the little pieces slowly coming together are making me very excited
  9. Dreaming: About our Stanthorpe trip in winter
  10. Chopping: Root veggies for most dinners
  11. Laughing: with Billy every day – he’s the funniest in our family by far
  12. Picking: basil from our herb garden to pop in Joel’s home made pesto
  13. Humming: Rivers and Roads, by The Head and the Heart
  14. Wearing: Tights and boots and winter dresses
  15. Scrubbing: New thrifting treasures
  16. Teaching: Ella the alphabet letters she gets stuck on
  17. Diffusing: a lot of sweet orange  + purification essential oils
  18. Learning: a lot more about Waldorf education and trying to supplement at home alongside Ella’s (and soon Billy’s) mainstream education
  19. Remembering: to drink more water — why is it so hard for me?!
  20. Praying: for Syria and its people

And a little easy autumn craft to do by yourself or with your children that looks beautiful draped over a windowpane (plus it makes your kitchen smell amazing while it bakes!):

Dried Orange Garland

Simply set your oven low, about 80 degrees, slice your oranges thinly, mop up as much juice as you can with a paper or tea towel, then lay the slices on baking paper on top of your wire oven rack and let them bake away for 5-6 hours, like they are in their own little dehydrater. Let them cool and then thread them with twine and hang.

Happy early autumn!

“Autumn carries more gold in its pocket than all the other seasons.”
― Jim Bishop

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