Autumn Wreath Craft

Because my daughter speaks fluent craft, I am often thinking of things to do with my children which are age-appropriate and (let’s be honest), enjoyable for me, too.

I stumble across this quote often: “That was the day she made herself the promise to live more from intention and less from habit.” – Amy Rubin Flett

It always strikes a chord and anchors me to thinking about what is mindless habit in our home and what we’re intentionally choosing, and to me, working with hands and inviting kids into creativity rather than screens is an intention which feels good and something I continually try to foster. We’re not perfect, but we’re definitely getting balance and we’ve added another fun little creative activity to do together: Wreath making.

What I loved about this:

  • It’s seasonal. It prompted conversations about autumn and what happens in this particular season, what colours relate to autumn, etc, which I always love in our season-lacking home town.
  • It gets kids outside and foraging around for autumn-y things like long grasses, etc.
  • It’s so easy and age appropriate for even the littlest of children right through to the older ones and requires very little supervision.
  • We ended up with a finished product that added seasonal beauty to our home.
  • You will most likely need to buy yourself a bunch of flowers!

More woody type flowers and plants will work best for this, because even as they dry out they will still keep that pretty dried flower look. Avoid flowers with a high water content. Best things to include are flowers and plants like baby’s breath, lavender, long grasses, herbs, strawflowers, marigolds, statice, eucalyptus and herbs.

There’s no right or wrong way to do it. Your children can just add bits here and there and I helped every now and again by tucking the stems firmly into the wreath. The wreath itself can be found in craft stores or homeware stores if you’re lucky – we actually popped down to a local florist and asked them to make one up for us as I couldn’t find a wreath in stores anywhere. The florist made one from monkey vine.

It will be fun to do one for each season of the year.

Happy crafting!

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