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Our Bathroom Renovation

Hi guys! I was going to share our entire house renovation, but it would be just far too big a post and we are far from the end (we do have skirting boards though!) Today I thought I’d start with our bathroom and over the next month or two I’ll gradually share the before and after of our whole home.

As any fellow renovater of an old home knows, it is quite the journey from start to finish and while old homes can be a real pain, gosh are they ever beautiful. Once they are stripped back and touched up, their charm just breathes timeless character. Joel and I bought our house last October, spent the most stressful two months of our lives renovating the entire thing mostly ourselves, and since the beginning of the year have been doing small bits and pieces here and there to try and complete it.

Given our third baby is due in ten weeks, I am at Stage Red of nesting hormones. This means Joel often comes home from work to find lists sprinkled all over the house of jobs he’s been assigned and basically he’s just really happy about it, obviously. I do what I can but he’s forbidden me to use his drill. Something about wrecking the plaster something-something you can’t drill holes without finding the studs something else something-something and anyway, whatever, I usually stop listening.

So here is our bathroom “before”, through the door from our dining room space on the right there.

As you can see, completely in need of an entire guttering.

It’s a tiny space and we thought about moving the wall out which adjoined the dining room to make more room in the bathroom. However, the living space in our entire home is quite small and we just didn’t want to compromise on taking up some of that precious space. It was more important to us to have people around our dining table and a large kitchen that flowed, able to have little bodies perched on chairs helping cook, and friends sitting around our kitchen/dining island when they called in. Instead, we went for large windows and everything white in the bathroom to make it seem bigger and more open.

The “after”:

I love everything old, antique and farmhouse, however, since we were sticking to a budget, we just couldn’t afford to buy original farmhouse sinks and cast iron claw foot baths — I had to do my best to create the kind of feel I wanted from scouring IKEA’s “most farmhouse looking” bathroom options and filling out bits and pieces from other less expensive sources.

Some favourite details:

hexagon floor tiling with charcoal grout

This was sourced from Bunnings and gives a simple and striking antique style look.

silky oak shelving

Since the storage space in all old Queenslanders is rather limited, I had Joel make up a large rustic-looking shelf out of some Silky Oak slabs he had left-over from his I-just-bought-a-dodge-truck-to-start-a-side-timber-business days. For your information, we no longer have the Dodge truck nor a timber business but we do have a great story to tell about it and that’s all that matters.

He also said something about how one can NEVER STAIN SILKY OAK BECAUSE IT’S SILKY OAK but I don’t know you guys, the timber is pink-looking to me and unless timber is a pale bleached colour or dark and rich it’s just not on. I can’t have pink wood in my home, you know? So we stained it and then Joel complimented my decision and I made him repeat his comment for the rest of the week.

cupboard handles we brought back from india

If I had to go generic IKEA for most of our renovation choices, I at least wanted to add a little bit of different style to give our bathroom a bit of personality. I dug these out of a cupboard and in five minutes, added a tiny detail of character which sets it slightly apart.

amber storage jars

You guys, I bought a label machine about a month back and it’s changed my life.

I’m not sure if I mentioned this, but I’m at STAGE RED in my pregnancy level and if that means pouring stuff into separate jars just so I can label it, then LET ME LIVE, you guys.

floating jar shelf

I also love the floating shelf I had Joel put up for our bath products, an off-cut of the slab he put up for our towel storage.

claw-foot bath

I absolutely love claw-foots and will happily put up with the frustration of cleaning the floor and walls surrounding them for the joy of having one. Ours had to be a bath and shower in one because of our lack of space so it does get water-drenched (and we are still yet to order a circular shower rod to install to hang our shower curtain *cough* this is Joel’s job *cough* I’m still waiting *cough*). The bath is acrylic to save on cost, and if I could choose again, I would have picked black feet instead of white as I think this would look more contrasting and striking.

little details

Fresh flowers always add life to a room.

And I love this succulent plant and cute yellow dried flower things I got for mother’s day this year.

Displaying things in glass jars makes me happy.

Coat hanger hooks for favourite art from IKEA.

Casement windows found on Gumtree – remember the time I escaped from a serial-killer?

Anyway, I love them and they let a lot of natural light in while still retaining the privacy needed for a bathroom, which is exactly what the small space needed.

And there you have it – our tiny but cosy Ikea-Colonial bathroom!


  • Basin and mirror cabinet from IKEA
  • Claw foot bath from Highgrove Bathrooms
  • Shower and bath tap ware from Bunnings
  • Hexagon floor tiles from Bunnings
  • Subway wall tiles from Bunnings
  • Toilet from Bunnings
  • Casement windows from Gumtree

More of our house renovations to come!

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