School Holidays + Sun Printing

Popping in with a few small things we’ve been loving lately: A school holidays bucket list mixed with just the right amount of in with out, doing with resting. We’ve had girl’s day pedicures, fairy garden workshops, strawberry picking dates and Christmas in Julys as well as snuggling at home, baking, crafting and enjoying the beautiful, simple joys of staying in.

Bonfire night.

We celebrated Christmas in July with my family at my brother’s property, always a favourite little road trip. “Mum, are we in the country now?”

“We sure are, my loves.”

Fairy garden workshops.

One of our local florists runs the sweetest flower workshops over the school holidays, from making flower crowns to cute little fairy gardens.

It was a fun morning for our little girl.

Rest time.

Always a school holidays must.

Orange + almond cake.

I love the slow mornings in the holidays that have us gathered around the kitchen table baking.

Home projects.

Joel is currently building our girls a new hen house, and I gave our back deck a temporary white floor paint make-over while we get around to renovating out there.

For now it’s our cosy winter fireside hang.

Activity books.

My two are obsessed with activity books at the moment and every day I will find them crouched by a table somewhere colouring in or finding spot the differences.

I love it.

Long baths.

We’ve been taking stacks of baths these school holidays, because they always soothe tired bodies and ratty moods. Given my kids share a bedroom, it means they aren’t often away from each other and although it’s what they choose, I really think it means they don’t ever get space to just be in their own worlds and minds. I will often run a bath just to encourage each child to have their own time, and I am pretty strict about the other one not being allowed in there. It’s so nice to hear bits and pieces of silly imaginative play coming from the bathroom while one of them is in there and I think it does them both a lot of good.

New pets.

Fernando and Grumpy are the newest additions to our home, flying down every day to be hand-fed treats. The kids developed major hysteria when it happened for the first time a week or so ago, so tame they landed on outstretched arms and even once onto Billy’s head.

My kids look forward to feeding them every day and Ella scolds me if I’m too loud in the kitchen for fear of scaring them away.

Sun printing. 

Lastly, I did this fun little craft with Ella and Billy the other day and thought I’d share it here because it was so simple and the end result is such a pretty seasonal addition to your home.

I stumbled across the kit in the City Hall’s museum gift shop of all places but you can find the same one here.

Have your kids forage around your garden for leaves, flowers, grasses, feathers or seed pods and use the photo-sensitive paper to create really sweet little squares of artwork.

All you need to do is gather a small piece of cardboard, pop a square of the sun print paper blue-side up on top, then arrange your botanical treasures on it.

Then pop the acrylic glass from the kit over the top.

And put it in the sun for about 5 minutes until the blue paper turns almost white.

Rinse the paper under water for about a minute, then dry flat (this will take a good few hours, even overnight) and once dry, the paper will have turned a beautiful rich indigo colour and the floral imprint will have turned to white.

It makes for such a gorgeous little corner of your wall, or you could even turn them into cards or frame them for a burst of seasonal beauty.

And that’s our school holidays, with a trip to Australia Zoo for our girl and a whale watching adventure for our whale loving’ boy squeezed in the next few days.

A little out, a little in.

Just how I like it.

Happy Friday!

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