Popping in today with a little photo dump of the past few weeks, stockpiling memories in this little online journal and finding a space for creativity and small joys to find a place to land.

Freezer stocking.

I’m at the nesting stage I like to call Scrambling, whereby the baby could arrive at any time and the mother is scrambling to feel prepared, something which – by the third baby – is hard to come by. Life is busy. Unlike the first, I don’t have big gaping hours to fill thinking about what who the baby might most look like and if I should use cloth or disposable. What I am focusing on – in a scrambley kind of way – is making life easier for us all for that first month: Menu planning and batch cooking for stocking the freezer full of easy dinners and lunchbox snacks. It’s making me feel calm and happy.

Slow, homey, Sunday nap days.

There’s nothing I love more on a Sunday than pottering at home with my family, baking, gardening, taking naps, watching movies at night. I cherish days like that.

Whale watching.

We took our sea loving boy on a special whale watching trip a few weeks back. We saw a Humpback breech right in front of us and Billy was one happy monkey. It was the best.

Our girl’s room.

Ever since I finally set her room up last week, everyone gravitates there during the mornings and throughout the day, snuggling in bed and reading stories. I love it.

Road trips.

The kids and I took a road trip to Byron the other week to visit a friend, eat ice cream and buy all the bread and cheese. It was just the kind of weekend I needed.

Morning light.

Ella’s first day at her new school.

We started Ella in a Montessori school two weeks ago. I will write more about it another day, mostly because we get the “why” question a lot and I understand people are genuinely interested. We are still learning a lot about it but I am happy to share what we know, how it differs from mainstream schooling, and the things we love most about it. For now, it’s one of the best future decisions we’ve made for our child and we’re thrilled to be part of such a beautiful school.

Last few weeks of just me and him days. 

I am very aware the window is closing in of the slow, cruisey, one on one days I get to share with my boy: a luxury I have loved savouring the past six months. He’s my steady rhythm, my daily buddy, and though I know life is only going to get more beautiful, I am certainly taking my time to value how it feels to spend my days with just him.

He’s just the best.

Movie nights.

Always a treat.

Raspberry leaf tea.

Little reminders that she’s coming soon make me happy.

Bubble beards.

Childhood in one photo.

And that’s all for today, friends. Happy Wednesday!






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