One Week of Healthy + Wholesome Go-To Freezer Meals

When you welcome a new baby into your home, there is simply no better gift than being cooked for. We have had a constant supply of delicious meals brought over from friends and family and I always receive it as such a gift of love: comforting, thoughtful, and relieving us of the chore of thinking about feeding our family when all we want to do is soak up this time and be with each other. We’ve even had beautiful friends gift us with a food delivery service: Food is love, you guys. Especially at a time such as this.

pork, apple and sage cassoulet

Having said that, the generous meal supply of others will of course run dry as this newborn phase shifts into normal life, and so it is incredibly helpful to have a freezer stocked with healthy and wholesome meals for your family so you can ease back into normality as peacefully as you can – meaning no grocery trips, no witching hours spent huddled over a stove, and no time spent taken from the most important things: your family.

For the record, I’ve never been much of a freezer kind of girl. I prefer my food fresh and nutrient dense, so things like freezers and microwaves I tend to steer clear of. However, sometimes it’s all about making things easy for yourself, and a cottage pie grabbed from the freezer and served with a quick salad is the equivalent of winning the lottery right now. Plus, I’ve found some favourite go-tos that are easy to make, wholesome, family friendly, and freeze really well, and I’m sharing them here today incase that kind of thing is helpful.

Freezer meals are great even if you don’t have a newborn at home; they are so handy to grab out during an especially busy week, or to drop over to a friend who might be going through a hard or busy time.

Food is love, food is love, food is love.

So, here is one weeks’ worth of freezer meal ideas. They are all in our freezer right now, plus some pre-bought stuff like frozen pizzas and family pies. I wanted mainly hearty, comforting meals and mostly recipes with some amount of meat protein in it so I can build my blood after labour and get the iron I so need. I wanted meals we can easily serve over rice, or alongside a fresh salad or roasted veggies. Quick, easy, healthy, wholesome kind of stuff. It’s not the time to be fancy!

Here’s a week of ideas for ya!

  1. Nigella’s Lamb Tagine: (served over rice and a side salad) Recipe here
  2. Chicken + Herb Casserole: (served over rice with a side salad) Recipe here
  3. Lamb, Veggie + Lentil Lasagna: (served with salad) I use lamb mince, heaps of hidden veggies like celery, pumpkin, mushrooms and carrot diced, plus a cup or two of red lentils in my bolognaise sauce. Layer this with your classic béchamel sauce and lasagna sheets but freeze before cooking. Defrost in fridge overnight, then cook at 180 C for 30 minutes covered in foil, take off foil and cook for a further 15 minutes.
  4. Hearty Chicken Soup: There are stacks of recipes online —  my mother-in-law always makes me a batch when we have a baby. She uses a whole chicken, lots of ginger and garlic, stacks of veggies and cooks it slowly over a long period of time so the chicken easily shreds and it’s all really easy to digest. So nourishing.
  5. Beef Stroganoff: (served over rice with wilted greens) Recipe here
  6. Lentil + Veggie Cottage Pie: (served with salad greens) Recipe here
  7. Pork, apple + sage cassoulet: (served over rice with an apple and cabbage slaw) Recipe here

So now I’m not in the kitchen so much, I can love on this little chicken, who is so delicious I could just eat her up. We’re so lucky.

What are some of your favourite freezer meals? Do share, I’m always on the look out!

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