A NATURAL HOME: Eight Summer Essential Oil Sprays

One of the easiest ways to use essential oils at home is by making spray blends. It’s a simple way to incorporate oils into your everyday routines, with a whole range of purposes. Using essential oils can be intimidating at first, and in a later post I’ll outline a basic home kit with our most go-to oils and what we use them for and which brand is best, but for now I’ll share some of my favourite summer spray blends, because they are easy to make and lovely to have on hand.

The basic formula:

30ml or 50ml glass amber bottles – I source mine from here.

Distilled water – I sourced mine from Supercheap Auto

Pinch of salt

Pop a pinch of salt into your amber spray bottle. Add your desired essential oil drops and swirl around so the oils have something to bind to. Fill the bottle with distilled water. Shake and use! Alternatively, you could use a tablespoon of witch hazel or vodka instead of the salt. 

Just a note: Why dark glass? Essential oils can also spoil if they get too much natural light or heat, and the amber glass helps preserve and keep them pure. Also the plastic in plastic spray bottles can be affected by the oils and spoil them. (And always remember store your oils in a cool, dark spot as well!)

So….onto the blends!

WAKE UP SPRAY: This helps me so much with those early summer morning starts when the sun rises in the 5’s and I’m coming off the back of nights with a small baby and lots of broken sleep. It clears the fogginess in my head and really invigorates me.

10 drops peppermint
10 drops bergamot
10 drops grapefruit

HAND SANITIZER SPRAY: Usually until dusk, my children are out in the backyard getting filthy until I call them in for dinner. This is a handy spray to have to sanitise their hands before dinner, or just any time we’re out and about during the summer months and are about to eat with our hands. It certainly beats the chemicals in mainstream sanitisers, and it’s important to know the essential oils used in this spray are all anti-bacterial and anti-viral.

10 drops lemon
10 drops thieves
10 drops tea tree

OWIE SPRAY: This is the perfect spray for a grazed knee or other minor cuts and scrapes. Great to have on hand if, like mine, your kids are constantly playing outdoors and coming inside with a new cut! This blend contains antibacterial properties that helps healing time, and it’s gentle enough to use on toddler skin.

10 drops lavender
10 drops tea tree
10 drops frankincense

AFTER-SUN SPRAY: This is made a little differently, but another great one to have on hand if you’ve had too much sun on those beach days, or just out in the garden. It’s nice to keep this aloe spray in the fridge to mist skin for an extra soothing touch. The lavender in this mixture is good for burns and helps repair damaged skin cells, and the aloe soothes red and burnt skin. It’s a nice facial toner as well!

50ml glass amber bottle
20 drops lavender essential oil
2 tablespoons aloe vera gel or aloe water
Fill rest with distilled water

FRESH LINEN SPRAY: Such a lovely spray to use before naps and bedtime. I have it by my bed and mist my pillows and blankets every night before hopping in. It’s so calming and helps to shut us all down after long days and stacks of summer activities.

10 drops lavender essential oil
10 drops roman chamomile essential oil
5 drops vetiver essential oil
5 drops sweet orange

MOSQUITO REPELLANT SPRAY: We have such a bad mosquito problem at night and this is a great repellent to use instead of the nasty store-bought stuff.

20 drops citronella
10 drops eucalyptus
5 drops lemon


NATURAL GARDEN SPRAY: After doing some research about using oils in the garden, I discovered that there are a range of different oils you can use to deter bugs from destroying your plants. This is a much better alternative to using chemicals that can contain harmful properties we certainly don’t want on our food or hands. For example, the peppermint and rosemary oils actually become fragrant oils to mask the smell of the pheromones (targeting signals) and confuse insects, thereby causing them to go elsewhere and not munch on your plants. This natural garden spray is a great broad-spectrum insect repellent and is also great to use on windowsills if you have an ant or spider problem. To use this solution, spray on the leaves in your garden early in the morning before the sun has risen, or in areas around your home where you know pests to be most prevalent.

10 drops peppermint essential oil
10 drops rosemary essentil oil
10 drops thyme
10 drops clove

DATE NIGHT SPRAY: I love a good spray of floral if I’m headed out on a little date. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, I like to feel special! Bergamot is my absolute go-to perfume scent, but its uplifting and mood-boosting properties are also so helpful for me too, so it’s at the top of my list when designing a sweet little floral number!

10 drops bergamot
10 drops frankincense
5 drops lavender
5 drops grapefruit


Let me know if you have any questions! There are so many ways to use oils in your daily life and I love to share bits and pieces of how we use ours.


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