There is something deeply satisfying to me about acknowledging a seasonal shift, no matter how subtle the change in my environment appears. While they all have their particular goodness, autumn is my soul season, for sure. The invitation to slow down and cosy up, to go inside both literally and figuratively; all sorts of endorphins pump though my veins as I write autumn bucket lists and order new books and dig out tights and boots and order more beeswax candles to roll, just thinking of the cold, of the strange, peaceful melancholy of the season, the way it makes us take stock and delve a little deeper into ourselves, our life. It’s as if autumn gives us permission to recoil. To scale back. To turn away from the noise of the world and press our faces towards the things that truly matter. The deepest, truest, wisest part of me comes alive in this season, like it was waiting all along for me to return home.

“He found himself wondering at times, especially in the autumn, about the wild lands, and strange visions of mountains that he had never seen came into his dreams.”
― J.R.R. Tolkien

So, some Autumn things to celebrate this season shift today, plus an autumn reading list if your book list is empty and you’re in need of some new recommendations. And, as always, a new Autumny folksy playlist to transition into slower, soulful, homey days. We’ve been listening to this one every day and thoroughly loving it. I’m theredtent on Spotify if you’d like to follow along at home. The playlist is called Falling Leaves – An Autumn Playlist.

In November.

We read this book on the first day of autumn every year, substituting the word “November” with “autumn”. It conjures up all those cosy autumn things and gets us excited for baking pies and warm fires and browning leaves to jump in.

Autumn bucket list.

This is a fun tradition to do at the beginning of every season, segmenting the year into special experiences and starting the process of looking forward to what that season holds.

Wardrobe swap-up.

Let’s be honest, here in Brisbane we never really pack our summer clothes away because Brisbane weather means all we ever need is maybe like one jumper over our usual clothes, but the layering. Oh God, the layering excites me. Tights under skirts. Cardigans over dresses. Jeans! High-waisted jeans! It’s just so thrilling. And the boots. Sweet Mother Mary, the boots.

Also did I mention baby boots? Stop it right now.

Room changes.

You might think big room spruces are only for spring cleaning, but NO. The change of every season always has me matching moods with rooms. Cosy rugs, rocking chairs filling corners, blankets for cooler months, and when it warms up again I’ll be wanting to open up and declutter and simplify.

Cosy couch blankets are a must.

Autumn crafts.

We bought Ella a flower press for her birthday and she has loved collecting flowers and preserving them, turning them into cards for her friends, and artwork to display in our home.

We turn our painting sessions seasonal to celebrate.

And there’s nothing like a hot glue gun to help signal a season change.

I found these autumn leaves in a craft store awhile back and thought they’d make a sweet garland craft for autumn.

Autumn reading.

Lastly, these are the books I’ve ordered this season – a mixture of fiction and non-fiction – ones recommended to me or by authors I already love, for any fellow book worms:

Catastrophic Happiness: Finding Joy in Childhood’s Messy Years, by Catherine Newman
Waiting For Birdy, by Catherine Newman
Nonviolent Communication, by Marshall Rosenberg
Unconditional Parenting, by Alfie Kohn
Tell Me More, by Kelly Corrigan
Lift, by Kelly Corrigan
Big Little Lies, by Liane Moriarty
Enough As She Is: How To Help Girls Move Beyond Impossible Standards of Success to Live Healthy, Happy and Fulfilling Lives, by Rachel Simmons
Home Grown: Adventures in Parenting off the Beaten Path, Unschooling, and Reconnecting with the Natural World, by Ben Hewitt
What Are People For? Essays by Wendell Berry
Drums of Autumn, by Diana Gabaldon (I’m having withdrawals waiting for the next season to come out on iTunes.)
Am I There Yet? The Loop-de-loop Zigzagging Journey Through Adulthood, by Mari Andrew
How To Appear Normal at Social Events (and Other Essential Wisdom), by Lord Birthday


I can’t wait for these books to arrive!

If you have anything on your book list or books you’ve read and loved, please share. I am always looking for recommendations.

Happy autumn, friends.


2 Responses to “Autumn”

  1. Amy

    Such a great list of activities! I also like to plant spring flowering bulbs and scatter flower seeds (like native everlasting/ paper daisies) in autumn – the usual time in Perth but not sure if it’s different for you.
    I’d also highly recommend the ABC Books of the Seasons for Australia if you’ve not seen it – but for some reason I could only find the giant library book size or as a board book!


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