Autumn Days

It’s been so long since I’ve shared photos, life proving again that I don’t have as much time as I once did. Still, every time I do, I create for myself a little portal back into my own life so that the good shines more brightly over all that is chaotic and hard. I’m grateful for the clarity they give me.

So, some stills of our little life today, swept up in one of my favourite times of year: Autumn.

“Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.” — F. Scott Fitzgerald


Morning light.

Our mornings start with strong coffee, dressing gowns and hot porridge, and they are still a favourite time of day. Golden light streaming in our kitchen window, a new fresh day that feels full of potential, our ordinary, daily rituals with these little children of ours.

Baking pies.

We ticked off our autumn bucket list this past weekend with a little apple pie baking morning, and though we cheated with the store-bought pastry, we did not skimp with the decorating, friends. My time is limited but not THAT limited.  We took it over to our friends’ house to share after dinner, lathered in melty vanilla ice-cream. Highly recommend.

Fringe requests.

She is growing with rapid speed, this one – the baby I once held in my arms a long, almost forgotten, memory. She now cares what she looks like, her once unabashed freedom – a magic trademark of childhood – slowly being replaced with requests for what the other girls at school have. Like stockings and fringes. Hatchimals and Smiggles Slapbands. She is starting to find where she fits inside a greater world of acceptance, and I admit, it is hard to watch. But I am also determined to walk delicately with her through it all, the comparison as well as the self-worth. Because growing up is hard, but being left in the dark, harder.

Herb drying.

Nothing says autumn like herbs drying in your kitchen. A little sight that brings me happiness.

Annual autumn leaves and donuts tradition.

The leaves turned much later this year in our favourite (and only) spot of deciduous trees. (Australian natives, please take note: You really need to sort out your autumn foliage.)

It was still a little green for my liking, but we did manage to gather a pile for the kids to jump and play in.

And it was extra special to add a sweet new family member to this year’s tradition.

Autumn scents in the burner.

We’re all about the orange and clove at the moment, an earthy, homey, autumny kind of feel.

Afternoon walks.

The weather at the moment is our city’s finest. Crisp, with the kind of sunlight that warms your soul. We tend to go on so many neighbourhood walks this time of year, where we’re granted reprieve from the heat  and arrive home to the promises of fires and toasted marshmallows.

Fire nights.

There is red wine. Sticky marshmallows. Crickets humming loudly in our backyard. A setting sun. It’s all kinds of lovely.

Cosy sick days.

Billy was a little under the weather a week or so ago. The sight of your babies wrapped under blankets with comfort food on these cosy sick days is one of those small, strange things I love about motherhood.

Matching autumn knits.

My mum knitted the girls these autumn dresses and I shall keep them forever.

His cubby phase.

The twinkle lights and now cubby phase has been going strong for about a month now and I often just stare at him before I go to bed, caught up in how uncomplicated it feels to love him, and how wonderful it is to get to be the keeper of his childhood.

Happy autumn, friends.

2 Responses to “Autumn Days”

  1. bridget

    i so much love that you focus specifically on each of your babies.
    the individual attention makes all the difference in their lives.
    this: “Because growing up is hard, but being left in the dark, harder.”
    oh my gosh- your insight. lucky babies.
    you are an amazing mom!
    ❤ b


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