Spring Library For Little Readers

Hi! Excuse me! Pardon me! Literature lover coming through!

As you may or may not know by now, books are my life and it makes me inappropriately satisfied to encourage my children to foster a love of reading, too. This, combined with seasonal changes and – well – I’m gone. Bear with my while I fall into the euphoria that is seasonal children’s literature, and some of my favourite picks for you to build a sweet spring library for your little ones this coming season.

12 Favourite Spring Books


Spring, by Gerda Muller – One for the younger children, one of a set of four books following each season, it’s a book without text but instead fun and sweet illustrations highlighting the joys of spring.

Planting A Rainbow, by Lois Ehlert – An informative, sweetly illustrated book that teaches little ones about how to grow and nurture bulbs and seedlings, and it is great for littler ones to learn about colours.

How Does My Garden Grow, by Gerda Muller – One for the slighter older kids, it’s a little longer and is a little more detailed about certain aspects of gardening (rather than just a storybook, so to speak) but a gorgeously illustrated book that connects children with nature and teaches them where/how food grows. This one always inspires us to get out into our garden!

Up in the Garden, Down in the Dirt, by Kate Messner – A lovely book exploring all the hidden wonders of a garden and all the things that live there, from the green leaves above the ground to the earthworms hidden in the dirt, the illustrations are completely beautiful.

A New Beginning, by Wendy Pfeffer – A waldorf-inspired book celebrating the spring equinox, full of educational tidbits.

Sonya’s Chickens, by Phoebe Wahl – One of my favourite illustrators, Phoebe Wahl, takes us through a lovely story about loss and death, in a very child-friendly way. When Joel first heard me reading this story to the kids he looked at me somewhat alarmed, as though I shouldn’t be reading them such a dark subject matter, but by the end he said, “Oh, actually, that’s a really good story.” Thank you, book police. So there you go, this one even has Joel’s tick of approval.

The Gardener, by Sarah Stewart – A story in letter form sent home to her parents, this book is about a determined and inspiring young girl who builds a big rooftop garden while she’s staying with her uncle, another lovely spring read.

The Story of the Root Children, by Sibylle von Offers – This is a gorgeous, fantasy-infused story about the root children who sleep during the winter but wake up for spring, full of beautiful nature-based illustrations that really pull you into another enchanting, imaginary world.

Backyard Fairies, by Phoebe Wahl – The illustrations, seriously, just such a sweet book full of magic and imagination.

How Robin Saved Spring, by Debbie Ouellett – A sweet, old-world tale about a battle the seasons have with each other with gorgeous, enchanting illustrations.

How Does My Fruit Grow, by Gerda Muller – A companion book for How Does My Garden Grow, learning alongside Sophie all about how fruit grows.

The Listening Walk, by Paul Showers – A sweet book that inspires interaction with the natural world and gets you out and about listening to the sounds of the world with your little ones.

At the start of every new season, I love to swap out the books on display in baskets and shelves in the kids’ room to give my children fresh new books to read that inspires us all for the new, coming season.

Happy (nearly) Spring!


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