Spring At Home

Happy Friday! I don’t have a lot of time but I simply wanted to pop in and offer some joy and calm this afternoon, in the form of little spring things — a small refuge away from the noise of the world.

Firstly, may I welcome you to our new Spring Playlist —  full of floaty, light tracks – perfect for slow mornings in the garden, crafty days at home, weekend backyard picnics, or a deep cleaning session. We’ve been playing this at home for the last couple of weeks now and it never fails to surprise me just how much music can transform a mood, set a tone, and bring us all together. Like Confuscius said, “Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without.” If Georgie is even slightly upset, I immediately put music on and she can go from scale 10 hysteria to smiling and waving her finger in the air in less than three seconds flat. We have music on all the time at home and this playlist is a great background soundtrack while you go about your day, with some occasional songs that might have you breaking out into a kitchen dance party with your kids at 2pm on a Tuesday, which of course, is the good, sweet gold of life.

The Jacaranda tree in our backyard has started to flower and fall, the first drops of colour that will soon carpet the garden a pastel purple, a sight that never fails to bring me joy. We spent a Sunday at my brother’s 50 hectare property about a month back, and just as the sun disappeared behind the mountaintops, we watched as fireflies emerged from the darkness, one by one and then all at once. It was magical, like some secret world we had fallen into. The first sign of spring, I thought, and it filled me with a sudden rush of euphoria, as the cusp of season changes always do.

It’s important, I think, to be connected to the natural world — to notice these shifts and to allow the energy of each season to inspire your days.

And so — a few signs of spring at home.

Flowers, flowers and more flowers.

A little front door refresh project.

It took two weeks to decide on the perfect shade of green, but I’m so happy with how it turned out. And now I’m envisaging hearty wreaths and twinkle lights come December and I’m feeling hysterical.

Garden and landscaping projects in the making.

It’s been a long time coming, but we’re finally getting around to building a back deck and outdoor living space, giving our backyard the love it so needs. Hopefully by December we’ll have a sweet cottage garden and I’m excited to see the progress.

Spring cleaning.

I’m a homebody through and through and there’s so little I love more than giving fresh energy to spaces and making rooms feel just right, especially in season changes.

Garden flowers.

I planted a big wildflower patch in autumn, and we have so may paper daisies sprouting up and blooming. What began as a tiny seed with this entire potential inside it, it never ceases to amaze me that with dirt, water and sunlight it can transform, as if by magic, into what it is.

Art Cart

And lastly, a little art corner refresh. We’ve transitioned the craft table from a set desk into our beloved Art Cart, a big game changer in our home! All the kids’ art and craft supplies are now on wheels so they can then pull up a chair and use the dining table or kitchen bench, which is where they prefer to be, anyhow. I did have it all organised into neat and lovely sections roughly 24 minutes before I took these pictures but – you know – kids.

Happy Friday! May you be finding lots of joy in the simple spring things, too.


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