November Book Club Discussion Questions: Waiting For Birdy

Hello book club friends,

Gosh these months are flying! Can you believe we are already nearing the end of our fourth book together?Four months! I’m continually gathering new books and keeping my eye out, so the list for our next annual book club has already started, if you are so interested. My mother-in-law had a grandparents morning at Ella’s sweet little Montessori school today and she called me on the way home to tell me about it. “Ella showed me all the work she is doing,” she said. “It was so lovely. All the little stories she’s writing. Just exactly like you, Rach.” I couldn’t help the flush of euphoria that my girl also gets it: This love of words and stories. It just feels so nice to share the same world.

Anyway, our November book – Catherine Newman’s Waiting For Birdy – what did you think? I have been encouraged by a few people to read Catherine Newman’s books actually, so I knew I wanted to pop one of them on our reading schedule. It wasn’t one of my more favourite books I’ve ever read, I’ll be honest, but I still got something out of it and I’m satisfied I now know her voice.

Here are our discussion questions for the book, and also a date for our next book club night: Friday 30th November (December eve!). We’ll meet on Instagram at 8pm EST like always, so settle in with a glass of wine and your pjs and come along and join us. This will be our fourth book club night and it’s always a lovely hour together.

If you are new to our book club, you can find our reading schedule plus all the details about participating here.

Here are our book club questions!

QUESTION ONE: What was your initial reaction to the book? Did it hook you immediately, or take some time to get into?

QUESTION TWO: What was your favourite quote or passage?

QUESTION THREE: How credible/believable did you find the narrator to be? Did you feel like you got the ‘true’ story?” How did you find her writing style?

QUESTION FOUR: If you are a parent, which part could you relate to the most, if any?

QUESTION FIVE: How did the structure of the book affect the story to you?

QUESTION SIX: What did you think about the ending? Like/dislike?

QUESTION SEVEN: Did the book change your perspective on anything? What?

QUESTION EIGHT: Did you find the book to be funny and if so, which parts were the funniest to you?

QUESTION NINE: What was your take away from the book? What did you get out of it?

QUESTION TEN: Any other comments or thoughts about the book?


Feel free to journal your answers or jot a few points down, ready to share on Instagram (@theredtent if you are new here) on the 30th. Have a lovely day!

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