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About The Tent


inside tent 4


Now, this sentence may get an eye-roll, or at least it does when a Certain Man asks about it, but quite simply put, the Red Tent is about Sisterhood.

Stay with me.


inside tent 5


It’s not the kind of Sisterhood where we burn incense, chant in a circle and call in our Gaia Earth Mother Spirits to cleanse our souls and help us reach our divine calling. And it’s not the kind of Sisterhood that is secretly a man-haters club where we bag the men we also love and harp on about how much better we are.


inside tent 7


The Red Tent, back in the day, was a warm and cozy place of rest and refueling. During childbirth, sickness and that time of the month, women escaped to the tent to be relieved of their daily responsibilities and to be looked after by other women in that way only women know how. While wine was poured and stories were shared, women could retreat from the world, reconcile the parts of themselves which lay buried under the many roles they had to play, and finally enjoy a plate of cheese without having to share it with anyone.


inside tent 1


Women are givers. They are nurturers of life. And if they don’t have a place to retreat to to replenish their reserves, the world is quite simply a less loving place. Like Mao Zedong said, Women hold up half the sky.


inside tent 6


So that’s what we do here. I write, obviously, and you read, but what we’re really doing is hosting a little time-out together. What we’re really doing is taking a little rest from the world, carried away by the wonderful and quite magical art of storytelling. While I’m not convinced that sharing my husband with three other wives would have necessarily worked out well for me back in the day, I do suspect that they were onto something, those Red Tenters.


inside tent 8


Joel: Why are you so obsessed with this blog? What is it even about?

Me: Sisterhood, Joel. It’s about Sisterhood.

Joel: Silent.

Me: Silent.

Joel: If I come home and find a Sisterhood going on in the lounge room, I will not be impressed.

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25 Responses to “About The Tent”

  1. Jennifer Butler Basile

    Wow, can I hang in the red tent? Why did modern society get rid of that idea?

  2. rachwiley

    You sure can! I’ve no idea WHAT modern society was thinking. It’s much better in the tent than out 🙂

      • lovefromtara

        I told him the conversation you’d had with your husband & how he’d said “If i come home and find a sisterhood in the lounge room I wont be happy” and my husband literally looked at me and said “I completely agree, smart man” hahaha they really do, don’t they.

      • Rachel Wiley

        hahaha that’s too funny. And kinda makes me determined to throw a sisterhood party in the lounge room one day, complete with tears and charm bracelets, just to see the look on Joel’s face when he walks in. You should do it too! priceless 🙂

      • Brenda Muhammad


    • The Red Tent

      Thank you! One day I’d love to start little red tent groups which meet up regularly in real life. We women sure do need it 🙂 xx

  3. Cindy Fenn

    I first came to your blog at the time of my second child’s birth. I loved the analogy of a red tent.

    Just today I came back to it and did a bit more reading.
    Anyway … Just read this and really laughed… Thank you
    “If I come home and see a sisterhood happening in lounge room , I will not be impressed” …love it!!!!

  4. Marla

    LOVE the purpose behind your blog and I’m so looking forward to following and getting to know you 🙂

  5. Rebecca Leech

    I just stumbled upon your red tent.
    The idea is traditional and I am all about the real thing in all aspects of my life.
    I also live with depression and anxiety.
    I have never been so involved in politics until this year and I think I may have lost some old friends on FB
    Never apologize for something you’s like saying you are sorry for being real.
    I love your tent.


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