What You’ll Find Here

This online journal is a collection of the things I find joy in and naturally gravitate towards — things like making natural home cleaning products, to favourite seasonal traditions, to thoughts on marriage, to easy crafts to make with kids.

It’s broken up into categories you can search via the tabs on the right hand side of the page:

Seasons + Traditions: Mirroring my love of seasonal changes; grounding how we live our days in accordance to the natural world.

Craft + Make: Beautiful things to make for your home which fuel that creative outlet and get little hands crafting.

A Natural Home: Ways to make your home less toxic, from easy-to-make cleaning products to our love of essential oils.

Small Things: Little things we love and daily moments of our ever-evolving family life.

Motherhood: Thoughts and musings on life during the season of mothering small children.

Gather + Celebrate: Ways we celebrate life, from my love of throwing kids parties, to the annual traditions we find joy in.

Chop + Bake: A collection of recipes and meal ideas that aim to be wholesome and family friendly.

Friendship + Sisterhood: Thoughts on cultivating this ever-important relationship in a woman’s life.

Marriage: Musings on the ups and downs of marriage.

Our Nest: Snippets of our home, from home renovation projects to focusing on cultivating a simple, welcoming, natural style.

Roam + Wander: From our travels abroad.


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