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Meet Rachel’s Family

This is Joel.


As you can see, Joel is quite handsome. Fortunately for him, he also has a wicked sense of humour, and this often shelters him from marital disputes* which begin with sentences such as WHY ON GOD’S GREEN EARTH CAN’T YOU CLEAN UP YOUR MESS and FOR THE LOVE OF GOD FIND A HOME FOR THINGS, JOEL and so on and so forth. He appears quite often in the tent and you can read more about him here and here and here. I’m sure Joel’s dream job would be to be Bear Grylls all day long but instead he lives with me by a little bay in Brisbane, Australia with these two.








This is Ella.


Ella loves toothpaste, shoes and olives. And bubbles, obviously. She looks sweet but she’s got a mean squeal on her and she’s just been promoted to big sister status so she tends to exercise her vocal chords more than strictly necessary. Needless to say, she’s the cutest, most loving, most amazing little girl ever to walk this earth, but of course you probably already knew that. In many ways, it’s because of her that this place was created; to navigate my way through the uncertainty of an unexpected pregnancy, the isolation of new motherhood and the raw and wild love our children engulf us with.


And this is Billy.


Billy landed into our outstretched hands this February. Although I had reservations about having a boy, not the least being my hesitation in sheltering myself from, you know, my eye being peed on, he’s the coolest thing. I don’t know if it’s a second baby thing or a boy thing, but he wants for so little. He just stares. And smiles. And tries his very best to protect himself from my kissing rampages.


We also have a cat called Sasha who in usual cat style, we barely see and two chickens, Molly and Ruby.




* Joel and I are not actually married, but we have combined all our assets and opened a joint bank account which, let’s be honest, is pretty much the same.

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